Pumpkin Head Trance

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Mmm, I hope you enjoyed Ms Kay Marie’s Freaky Femme Fun. It’s been a wild night so far! Before getting back to the festivities, take a relaxing walk with me through the pumpkin patch. There’s something cool I want to show you. You’ll love it, trust me!🎃

Pumpkin Head Trance

Those who underestimate my powers are always so amusing to me.  It is that confidence which leads to their complete undoing and makes them so delicious when they finally fall under my spell.  And trust me, They ALWAYS FALL.

Just like you my pet, you were so strong…  before… soo sure of your abilities to resist me. You said you would never submit.  You said you would never suck my cock.  But what you didn’t realize, is the more you try to push those thoughts out of your mind, the more I took control

They would slip into your subconscious when you least expected it, trapping you in a never-ending loop of visions of my cock thrusting between your lips while you stare up at me.  And every time, you would slip further and further in the blissful depths of subspace. Until all you could think about is being my little cock sucker, and how good it feels to be vulnerable to me in every way.  And now, not only are you eating your words… you’re eating my cum too and you love every drop. 

It’s okay, I knew that you would.  Just listen to my voice and fall for me. That’s really all it takes.  That’s all it takes to slip under my spell and simply exist for my pleasure. You’re so far gone now, So loopy and dreamy and dazed.  You are so happy to belong to me . It feels so good to not resist.

Your mind is ripe for fucking… mine for the taking…

You are so deep for me now, All you want to do is go deeper… further and more. You know you will do anything I want and BE anything I want. That your complete existence is left up to me. Your mind and body are becoming pliant to my will. I can transform you into anything I want. Just for my amusement. I have decided to transform you into a pumpkin head.

You can feel it, it is happening right now. That tingling you’re feeling is the beginning of your transformation.  Your Head is swelling up into a large round shape. Your skin turning orange and slightly ribbed.  Your mouth stretches and stretches into a wide inhuman grin. with a large gap between your two remaining teeth.  Your hair twists together to form the hard stem on the top of your head. Your mind is becoming soft, mushy and ripe for fucking and mine for the taking. 

Pretty boy pumpkin pussy mouth…

Mmm, pumpkins are so very nice to fuck. So wet and fleshy on the inside. I have turned you into the ultimate fuck toy.  And now my hand is wrapping around the stem sprouting from the top of your head and holding you still, while I introduce my cock to your pretty boy pumpkin pussy mouth. Sliding the bulbous head of my dick back and forth over your jack-o-lantern lips until they form an O in invitation.  Then I’m thrusting between your lips until my shaft is glazed with that sticky gooey mush and the fresh scent of pumpkin fills the air.

Mmm, those sloppy, ushy, gushy squelching sounds, while I pump harder deeper into your mouth, have my balls so full.  You’re hungrily sucking my cock, pleading with soft moans as your hands slide up my slim legs palming my ass and pulling me closer; it won’t be long now.

Suddenly my body begins to shudder and my legs begin to shake as my cum gushes into your mouth in deliciously thick creamy spurts mixing with your pulpy insides, overflowing out of your mouth as the ultimate pumpkin cream pie. Still holding onto that stem on the top of your head, I rock and ride your face until the stream of cum becomes a dribble, using your mouth until I’m fully sated. 

Mmm, pet that felt amazing, and I know you enjoyed it too. Your poor stiff hard cock tells me that you did, but now is not the time for you to cum… that happens later… maybe.

Is there a cure to break the spell?

pumpkin head trance halloween fetish femdom tgirl

Oh and in case you’re wondering if you are destined to be my pumpkin head forever. The cure is quite easy, really.  Simply swallow my cum and you will return to your human form.  

However, every Halloween your pumpkin head will grow again, and you must return to me to satiate my lust. 

Now wipe your mouth slut, the night isn’t over just yet. Your next stop in the Monster’s blog train is Ms. Erika, with an insane gooning story to tell you🎃

2 thoughts on “Pumpkin Head Trance

  1. Wessypoo says:

    Gosh I loved this tale and the audio was amazing! It’s so arousing to want a mushy soft mind for you Princess. I’ll be listening to this over and over. Thank you!

    • Princess Bethany says:

      Hello Wessypoo! Thank you for your comment, I’m so glad you liked it. I think you can tell I really enjoyed making it 🎃

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