Two Girls and a Dildo

Welcome Home

Mmmm, welcome home. We were wondering when you would get here!  I’m sure you didn’t expect to come home to find two sexy women making out on your couch Oh yeah and one of them is your girlfriend. Our lips pressed together and our tongues licking and dancing with one another. She pulls up my top and nuzzles her lips against my hard nipples and smiles at you before kissing them. I run my fingers through her silky hair and moan wantonly as her free hand feels her way down the front of my skirt and begins rubbing me there. For a minute you’re sure she’s going to pull it up, but her hand sneaks it’s way beneath my skirt instead. Your moan of disappointment captures our attention. We both smile at you and  your girlfriend motions for you to come over.

Come Join Us

“Would you like to join us, she asks you?” You nod eagerly and make your way over to us. But I hold my hand to stop you. “Mmm, why don’t you undress for us first” Seeing us on the couch cuddled up and still fondling each other, you again nod eagerly and begin to take off your clothes. Once you are naked, your girlfriend pulls out a dildo and I wrap my hand around and begin caressing it. “How bad do you want to play with us? Would you suck this for us?” You hesitate caught off guard and not sure what should say. But then you see me pull your girlfriend in for another kiss this time with the dildo between our lips. And you know that you will totally suck that dildo just get between the the two of us. But once I again I hold up my hand. On your knees first!

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