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Mesmerizing Cum Eating

Are you curious about cum eating, but haven’t quite been able to get past the mental blocks that hold you back [...]

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Dick girl Ball Worship

Hey, guys, I’ve got a new idea for you if you like body worship with [...]


Spookstr Date in the Enchanted Forest

Aww did the Miss Maya, the enchanting succubus use you all up? Don’t worry, I [...]


Missing Cheerleader Sissy

(Scroll down and press play to read the last texts from the Missing Cheerleader Sissy) [...]

Have you seen Ken Barbie?

(Scroll down and press play to read the last texts from Ken Barbie) Have you seen Ken Barbie? Lol, he’s not really Ken Barbie but that was his Halloween Costume this year. It sounds really cute. You probably haven’t run into him, however, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask. [...]


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Enchantrix Empire Enchanted Forest Blog Chain Lost & Found

Oh look another victim… ahem.. I mean visitor. Welcome to the Enchantrix Empire’s 2023 Halloween Blog Chain! This year we are taking you on walk through an Enchanted Forest full of all kinds of wicked surprises. If you are just getting started on your journey, allow me to direct you [...]

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Another test

Stop peeking!

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