Small Penis Humiliation with a Tgirl

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If you enjoy small penis humiliation, I can assure you that you’ll enjoy it with me! You see, I can be a bit of a mean girl when I want to be. I’m usually pretty nice, but I do have a mean streak that comes out when I see a guy with a small cock. I just can’t help myself! It’s practically a reflex, at this point.

Do You Qualify For Small Penis Humiliation?

If you’re wondering if you qualify for small penis humiliation (SPH), you do. Why am I so sure of that, you ask? Because if you had a cock that was big enough, you wouldn’t have to wonder about it. You’d already know. So the very fact that you’re unsure means it’s too small. Next question.

But if you want a number to determine what’s small and what isn’t, I suppose I’ll indulge you. In my opinion–and we all know mine is what it’s important here–anything below seven inches counts as a small penis. Yes, I know that 5.5 inches is “average,” but come on. Has anyone ever wanted something “average” for anything? Of course not. We all want something that’s above average because we all think we deserve it. Nobody is interested in your mediocre 6-inch dick.

Of course, thickness comes into play, too. If you have a 9-inch pencil dick, I’m still going to laugh at you because what does a beautiful Princess like me want with a car antenna? Absolutely nothing, that’s what. And any other beautiful Princess will tell you the exact same thing.

SPH Means My Dick Is Bigger Than Yours

The thing about humiliation with a girl like me is that we can compare cock sizes. That’s always a fun game to play. We both pull out our dicks, and then you hold yours up to mine for comparison. Mine will undoubtedly be much bigger than yours, which means we can move on to the next stage in small penis humiliation, which is me laughing at you.

I find small cocks to be hilarious. There’s really nothing more humiliating for a small-dicked dude than for the hot girl he’s trying to get with to a.) laugh at his dick, and b.) have her own dick that’s way bigger than his. There’s no coming back from that, my dude.

How I Can Humiliate You

There are a lot of ways that small penis humiliation with me can go. I can just tell you how small it is and laugh at you for having such a tiny one, which is a perennial favorite. Or I can have you do humiliating things for my amusement while you have such a small cock.

For example, maybe I’ll have a CFNM party with some of my other gorgeous t-girl friends. You’ll get naked for us, and we’ll all laugh at you. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? It does to me!

Or perhaps I’ll turn you into a little panty boy for my entertainment. I can put you in a pair of mine! Now, just because a person wears panties doesn’t mean their dick is small. I’m a testament to that, obviously. But with something as small as yours in your pants, you might as well call it a clit and cover it with panties.

Then, there are several other ways I can embarrass you with small penis humiliation. But I won’t spoil the surprise on all of them just yet. If you give me a call, though, for some small penis humiliation phone sex, I’ll definitely let you know what I’ve got in mind for you!

1 thoughts on “Small Penis Humiliation with a Tgirl

  1. Johnny says:

    Hi Goddess, you excel at SPH and laughing at me. If you’ve never had a session with The Princess you are missing a very humiliating time. And yes she can be mean, very mean. Must be why I adore her.

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