CBT & Stroking

cbt cum eating
Have you been craving something new, like maybe some CBT lately? If so, come a little closer. We have a lot to talk about. I have found that a lot of guys are intimidated by the idea of CBT. They’re afraid of pain in that area, although a lot of cock and ball torment is really just sensation, rather than actual pain. And sensation can either be neutral or even pleasurable, if you do it right. And believe me, guys, Princess Bethany knows how to do it right!

Trying Out My CBT Instructions

Now, pretty much anyone can give you CBT or guided masturbation instructions. But not just everyone can give you instructions about methods they’ve already tried out on their own cock and balls. And that’s what I’m here for–to carefully vet my methods before I try them out on you. To be honest with you, I actually enjoy a little self-CBT from time to time. Mind you, I don’t like it extremely painful for myself, but I do like experimenting with textures and sensations. That can be really exciting and a nice treat if you’ve been doing the same thing over and over for a while when it comes to masturbation. I’m thinking of things like stroking with a sock on your hand, or placing a few clothespins on your balls, or even giving your cock a little spank here and there. All these things can be very hot.

Mixing It With Guided Masturbation

But of course, CBT is no fun all by itself. That’s why I combine it with JOI, or jerk-off instructions, to help the medicine go down more smoothly. Mixing pleasure and a little extra spicy sensation together can result in an absolutely explosive orgasm. Your favorite t-girl Princess likes giving you these kinds of instructions. They fulfill both my dominant and my sadistic sides. It’s wonderful to hear you working hard to follow my directions. Naturally, you’ll need some lube because you’re in for a lot of edging to make this more thrilling for both of us. But you don’t necessarily need anything else. Some CBT toys are great, but if you don’t have them, you won’t be missing anything. You can do most of what I ask of you with your bare hands and the rest with some common household items.

Obeying Your T-Girl Princess

So what do you guys think? Does me telling you that I won’t have you do anything I’ve never tried personally put you more at ease when it comes to CBT? I am not a masochist, myself, so if I can find pleasure in some of these things, that means you can, too! Besides, I know how submissive it makes you feel to obey me. I love giving you instructions, and you love following them. So even if what I ask you to do is a little outside your comfort zone, I know you’re willing to give it a try, anyway, just to please me. And that brings a smile to your Princess’s face! So if you’d like to try something new, or if you’d just like to please your Princess, you know what to do! Grab that phone and give me a ring. And if you have some tried-and-true CBT methods you’d like to share with me, please do that as well. You can call me, or you can leave me a comment. Either one works fine. I can’t wait to play with you and to hear what your CBT secrets are!

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