From Orgasm to edging

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Mmm, hello sluts, let’s talk about orgasm edging today! I have a question for all of you. Are you someone who likes to edge for days or just for hours? Or are you not really familiar with the concept of edging while masturbating?

Well, if you fall into the latter camp, don’t worry. I’m going to help you out today.

Orgasm Edging As A Part Of Guided Masturbation

If you’ve ever done any guided masturbation with me, you know that it includes lots of orgasm edging. If I just guided you straight to your orgasm, that would suck. It’d be over too fast, and it wouldn’t feel great, either. In order to produce that wonderful feeling that JOI gives you, you need a good bit of orgasm edging. And believe me, I know how to get you to ride that line for a long, long time if I so choose!

Some of you really like to edge, while others just sort of do it because it’s a necessity for guided masturbation. Those of you who enjoy orgasm edging for its own sake are called “gooners.” Guys who edge for a purpose–say to make their orgasm more intense or to give themselves a bigger load to eat later–are simply masturbators. But if you jerk it in order to ride the edge for hours or days, you’re definitely a gooner. Sorry, I don’t make the rules. (Okay, well, actually, I do, and I’m not sorry at all!)

Perks To Being A Prick Tease

One of the perks to being a cock tease is that I can keep you on that edge for as long as I like. Teasing just comes naturally to me. There’s not much I can do about it. But I don’t want to change it because it’s so much fun!

Anyway, I can keep you going with orgasm edging for as long as I want. If you’re lucky, I’ll edge you for, like, an hour or so. If you’re less lucky, it may be hours or days. Of course, if you’re a true gooner, you’ll prefer days to hours!

Another perk of being a prick tease is that I can keep your cock hard even after I let you cum. You may wonder why this is important….

Eating Your Own Cum For Me

Well, the answer is, it’s important for CEI reasons. If you can stay hard after you cum, it’ll be much easier for you to eat your load for me. I’ll keep you so horny after you blow that you’ll be gobbling it down like it’s nothing, even if you’ve never done it before!

I mean, honestly, I just love having a guy eat his cum for me. There’s something so sexy about it. I love the visuals, and I love hearing the sound of you licking it off your fingers. So hot!

The great part about orgasm edging is that it leads to big loads for you to eat later. I rarely do outright tease and denial because I like having you eat your cum for me. (Although, sometimes I do tease and denial….)

Mostly, though, I just edge you for a long while, and then I let you cum. You eat it for me like a good boy, and I praise you for it. That’s the way it works. You know this, and you adore me for it. So if you’re ready for a lot of orgasm edging and then a little cum eating at the end, you know what to do. Call your Princess now!


sissy cuckold

I know you have been dreaming about feminization for a long time now. It’s probably something you can’t get out of your head at all, no matter how hard you try. And I’m here to tell you, that’s okay. There’s nothing wrong it, and there’s nothing wrong with you.

I’m not going to laugh at you or humiliate you, unless you tell me you want me to. Instead, I’m going to help you on your feminization journey. It doesn’t matter to me how far into it you are. You can be at the very beginning, or you can be deep into the rabbit hole. Either way, I can assist you.

Your TGirl Princess Can Help You

The first thing you have to do in order to make these fantasies a reality, however, is to confess them to someone. And I want to be that someone. I love listening to guys tell me how they want to become more and more feminine and the ways they envision that happening. If they want some suggestions, I like offering those, too.

If your only desire is to be a panty boy or a crossdresser, that’s great. I’d love to help you choose the right panties, lingerie, or even full outfits that look best on you. If you want to be a sissy, that’s awesome, too. Any kind of feminization fantasy is hot to me because I really enjoy taking men and turning them into more feminine men or even into actual women.

And if you think you may be trans, then I’m here for you to talk to as well. Feminization can be a fun sexual fantasy, or it can be a way of life. I am open to whatever you’d like to discuss with me.

Starting Your Feminization Transformation

I always think the best way to start a feminization fantasy is to begin with panties. They’re such a standard, classic first-time feminization piece of clothing. And plus, once you get them on, they make you feel super-sexy as well. If, as I mentioned above, you only have panty boy fantasies, we can stop right here. Of course, we’ll have to get you several pairs so that you have plenty to choose from. But if you don’t want to wear anything but panties while you jerk off or whatever, that is perfectly fine.

But if you have dreams of being more feminized than just wearing panties, don’t worry. I can help with that, too. I’m great with colors and styles when it comes to fashion. We can get you in stockings and lingerie, or we can put you in a whole new feminine outfit. Like I keep saying, it’s all about what you want and what you feel most comfortable with.

Making You The Perfect Sissy

Now, if you want to be a sissy, I definitely want to talk to you. I specialize in turning manly men into frilly little sissies who look, sound, and act like girls. I also enjoy girl-on-girl playtime with sissies, but we won’t get too far ahead of ourselves just yet. I want you to be comfortable, and questioning your sexuality can come later. For now, I just want to see you in a nightie and a pair of matching panties!

So whatever your feminization phone sex fantasy may be, you can confess it to me. I would love to hear it, and I would love to help you make it come true. So give me, Princess Bethany, a call today to tell me all about your secret desires.

Small Penis Humiliation with a Tgirl

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If you enjoy small penis humiliation, I can assure you that you’ll enjoy it with me! You see, I can be a bit of a mean girl when I want to be. I’m usually pretty nice, but I do have a mean streak that comes out when I see a guy with a small cock. I just can’t help myself! It’s practically a reflex, at this point.

Do You Qualify For Small Penis Humiliation?

If you’re wondering if you qualify for small penis humiliation (SPH), you do. Why am I so sure of that, you ask? Because if you had a cock that was big enough, you wouldn’t have to wonder about it. You’d already know. So the very fact that you’re unsure means it’s too small. Next question.

But if you want a number to determine what’s small and what isn’t, I suppose I’ll indulge you. In my opinion–and we all know mine is what it’s important here–anything below seven inches counts as a small penis. Yes, I know that 5.5 inches is “average,” but come on. Has anyone ever wanted something “average” for anything? Of course not. We all want something that’s above average because we all think we deserve it. Nobody is interested in your mediocre 6-inch dick.

Of course, thickness comes into play, too. If you have a 9-inch pencil dick, I’m still going to laugh at you because what does a beautiful Princess like me want with a car antenna? Absolutely nothing, that’s what. And any other beautiful Princess will tell you the exact same thing.

SPH Means My Dick Is Bigger Than Yours

The thing about humiliation with a girl like me is that we can compare cock sizes. That’s always a fun game to play. We both pull out our dicks, and then you hold yours up to mine for comparison. Mine will undoubtedly be much bigger than yours, which means we can move on to the next stage in small penis humiliation, which is me laughing at you.

I find small cocks to be hilarious. There’s really nothing more humiliating for a small-dicked dude than for the hot girl he’s trying to get with to a.) laugh at his dick, and b.) have her own dick that’s way bigger than his. There’s no coming back from that, my dude.

How I Can Humiliate You

There are a lot of ways that small penis humiliation with me can go. I can just tell you how small it is and laugh at you for having such a tiny one, which is a perennial favorite. Or I can have you do humiliating things for my amusement while you have such a small cock.

For example, maybe I’ll have a CFNM party with some of my other gorgeous t-girl friends. You’ll get naked for us, and we’ll all laugh at you. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? It does to me!

Or perhaps I’ll turn you into a little panty boy for my entertainment. I can put you in a pair of mine! Now, just because a person wears panties doesn’t mean their dick is small. I’m a testament to that, obviously. But with something as small as yours in your pants, you might as well call it a clit and cover it with panties.

Then, there are several other ways I can embarrass you with small penis humiliation. But I won’t spoil the surprise on all of them just yet. If you give me a call, though, for some small penis humiliation phone sex, I’ll definitely let you know what I’ve got in mind for you!

CBT & Stroking

cbt cum eating
Have you been craving something new, like maybe some CBT lately? If so, come a little closer. We have a lot to talk about. I have found that a lot of guys are intimidated by the idea of CBT. They’re afraid of pain in that area, although a lot of cock and ball torment is really just sensation, rather than actual pain. And sensation can either be neutral or even pleasurable, if you do it right. And believe me, guys, Princess Bethany knows how to do it right!

Trying Out My CBT Instructions

Now, pretty much anyone can give you CBT or guided masturbation instructions. But not just everyone can give you instructions about methods they’ve already tried out on their own cock and balls. And that’s what I’m here for–to carefully vet my methods before I try them out on you. To be honest with you, I actually enjoy a little self-CBT from time to time. Mind you, I don’t like it extremely painful for myself, but I do like experimenting with textures and sensations. That can be really exciting and a nice treat if you’ve been doing the same thing over and over for a while when it comes to masturbation. I’m thinking of things like stroking with a sock on your hand, or placing a few clothespins on your balls, or even giving your cock a little spank here and there. All these things can be very hot.

Mixing It With Guided Masturbation

But of course, CBT is no fun all by itself. That’s why I combine it with JOI, or jerk-off instructions, to help the medicine go down more smoothly. Mixing pleasure and a little extra spicy sensation together can result in an absolutely explosive orgasm. Your favorite t-girl Princess likes giving you these kinds of instructions. They fulfill both my dominant and my sadistic sides. It’s wonderful to hear you working hard to follow my directions. Naturally, you’ll need some lube because you’re in for a lot of edging to make this more thrilling for both of us. But you don’t necessarily need anything else. Some CBT toys are great, but if you don’t have them, you won’t be missing anything. You can do most of what I ask of you with your bare hands and the rest with some common household items.

Obeying Your T-Girl Princess

So what do you guys think? Does me telling you that I won’t have you do anything I’ve never tried personally put you more at ease when it comes to CBT? I am not a masochist, myself, so if I can find pleasure in some of these things, that means you can, too! Besides, I know how submissive it makes you feel to obey me. I love giving you instructions, and you love following them. So even if what I ask you to do is a little outside your comfort zone, I know you’re willing to give it a try, anyway, just to please me. And that brings a smile to your Princess’s face! So if you’d like to try something new, or if you’d just like to please your Princess, you know what to do! Grab that phone and give me a ring. And if you have some tried-and-true CBT methods you’d like to share with me, please do that as well. You can call me, or you can leave me a comment. Either one works fine. I can’t wait to play with you and to hear what your CBT secrets are!

Mesmerizing Cum Eating

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Are you curious about cum eating, but haven’t quite been able to get past the mental blocks that hold you back from actually tasting your own cum? Well, don’t you worry, my pet. Your favorite t-girl Princess has just the solution for you.

Some guys with this problem think they basically need someone to make them eat it. But that’s not what I’m here to do. Sure, I suppose I could hold you down and put it to your lips and not let go until you licked it all off my fingers. But we both know that’s not my style at all. Instead, I’m going to teach you to want to eat your own cum for me. With a little mesmerizing cum eating with me, those mental blocks you have about it will just dissolve into thin air. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

It’s All About The Masturbation Trance

So you may be wondering exactly how this works. How can Princess just erase my mental blocks like that? The answer is, it’s all about the masturbation trance.

Basically, I start by helping you relax. I always like to ask what kind of environment you find most relaxing. Some people might say “a day at the beach,” while others might prefer a quiet mountain forest or a clearing next to the river or something. Anyway, once I identify the perfect relaxing environment for you, I like to help you envision being there. That’ll help take any tension out of your body and mind and help you be able to concentrate on pleasing me.

Once you’ve pictured your happy place in your mind and gotten really relaxed for me, I’m going to take control. I’ll lead you through a roleplay or two where you easily eat your cum. As I do that, you’ll notice that you’re becoming more and more eager to eat your cum for me.

Edging For Maximum Amounts Of Cum

Of course, in order to get the maximum amount of cum out of you for you to eat, we’ll need to do a little orgasm edging during your masturbation trance. Every time you can manage to edge yourself without actually cumming, that means there will be that much more cum for you to eat when you finally do get off.

I will gently mesmerize you and make you feel so good. You will feel yourself slipping into a state of total bliss and relaxation as you edge for me like a good boy.

Mesmerizing Cum Eating

As you slip deeper into your masturbation trance with me, your blocks will fall away. You’ll want only to please me. And the way to please me, of course, is to eat your own cum for me.

I’ll carefully guide you through your edging and your stroking to help you cum really hard for me. Then, when the big moment comes, you can catch all your cum on your hand and fingers as you’re mesmerized by me and my beauty. That way, it’ll be extremely easy for you to just lift your hand to your mouth and partake in the cum eating that you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t been able to up until now.

You’re going to love everything about it. The taste is wonderful, and so is the texture. You’ll go crazy for the way it feels in your mouth. You won’t be able to get enough. This will just be the beginning of your cum eating addiction. And you’ll come back over and over for more.

Go ahead and give me a call to start your mesmerizing cum eating process with me. You’ll be so glad you did.

Dick girl Ball Worship

dickgirl ball worship

Hey, guys, I’ve got a new idea for you if you like body worship with your favorite t-girl Princess–ball worship!

I know, it may sound a little crazy, but just hear me out for a minute. I know you guys love worshipping me, and who can blame you? But after you’ve worshipped my feet, my legs, my ass, my breasts, my cock…what else is left? Sure, you could worship my hands or my hair or something. But I think ball worship sounds way more fun. Don’t you agree?

Let’s Start With Some Foot Worship

I’m actually thinking what you can do is start at my feet. I have adorable little feet, and if you have a foot fetish, you’ll love worshipping them. Then, after you’ve lavished some attention on my feet, you can make your way up my sexy long legs. After that, a little thigh worship wouldn’t be out of place. And then, maybe I’ll let you show me how good you are at ass worship.

After you’ve thoroughly adored all these other parts of me, I’m going to let you start the ball worship aspect. We’ll let that happen *before* the cock worship. Once I’ve got my beautiful t-girl cock in your mouth, I won’t want to take it out, even for ball worship. But if you do it first, I can lie back and enjoy every minute of it.

Ball Worship Is Heavenly

And I think I will lie down on my back with my sexy legs spread for you. You can lie down on your stomach while you run your tongue over my lovely balls. I absolutely love the feel of a wet tongue on my balls, so I bet my eyes will close in pleasure, and little moans will escape from my lips. You can close your eyes, too, if you like and get lost in what you’re doing. Or you can leave them open to really appreciate the job you’re doing. Either one is fine with me, as long as you’re appropriately reverent about what you’re doing for me.

Once you have my balls nice and wet from your tongue, you can start sucking on them for me. Now, you won’t want to suck on them as strongly as you suck on my cock later, but some gentle suction wouldn’t be a bad thing at all. Take first the left one in your mouth and suck on it for me. Then, after you’ve given it plenty of attention, you can turn to the right one and do th same to it.

Ball worship is abslutely heavenly, in my opinion. That’s for both me and for you! I love the feel of a mouth on my balls, and you love being allowed to worship such an intimate area on your Princess. Feel how nice and heavy and full of cum they are for you, my pet.

Now You Can Worship My Cock

After you’ve completed your ball worship task, I’ll allow you to worship my cock. Take it in your mouth and show me what a good little cocksucker you are. If you do a good enough job for me, I’ll reward you with a taste of my nice, thick cream in your mouth!

I know you crave to worship my body and especially engage in ball worship, you should definitely give me a call. I would love to gently drop my balls into your open, waiting mouth and let you adore them for me. So don’t keep me waiting for the opportunity! Now be a good slut for me pet. I want you to call your tgirl Princess a call for a ball worship phone session 👅.

TRIVIA: My first sex toy was a bullet vibrator that I bought in the mall from a store called Spencer’s! 

Spookstr Date in the Enchanted Forest

ghost girl with a dick, ghost futa, futanari ghost

Aww did the Miss Maya, the enchanting succubus use you all up? Don’t worry, I will be using you in a different way. Don’t you and I have a date?

Mysterious Dating app Spookstr

So a popular dating App launched a Halloween version this year, and you were one of the lucky few selected to try its beta version. If it is a success, they will release it full scare next Halloween. Even better, you got a match, a beautiful yet very mysterious woman. And she’s so into you. After exchanging several texts you are convinced you have to meet her. The two of you agree to meet for a lovely walk through the Enchanted Forest.

Where is everyone?

The moon which had been nestled in a cozy blanket of clouds slowly began to reveal itself, its pale light penetrating the dark forest. However the light did not bring warmth and reassurance. It made things seem a bit more cold.. sinister. It cast dark shadows of things that could not be seen. There was something in the air, something warning you to leave now. But you just couldn’t bring yourself to run.. Yet.

Before your phone mysteriously died without warning, you received a text from your date informing you she was waiting for you at the meeting spot. Up until that point you were sure that you were in the wrong space. Where is everyone? Did she really walk through this forest alone? This forest was supposed to be a “haunted forest” sponsored by the makers of the Spookstr app. Well now you feel a little silly. If she walked through the forest, it can’t be THAT bad. I guess the creepy forest was having the desired effect. Setting the mood for the night. You are meeting up with a very sexy ghost girl. Before you know it you are at the old “haunted” house in the middle of the forest.. and once again it seemed eerily empty.

“There you are my sweet..” the voice calls out to you, seeming to echo from many different places in the room.  “I’m so happy you made it. I was beginning to worry you were lost in the woods.” Your breath catches for a moment startled by her voice, your eyes darting around trying to find her. In the middle of the room there was darkness that didn’t quite fit the other shadows. It moved like liquid among the walls towards you and you could feel the temperature dropping the closer it got. As much as your eyes wanted to bring the shadowy figure into focus, it remained blurry. A cold finger tapped you on the shoulder and you jumped, letting out an embarrassing high pitch squeal. Playful laughter chimes against your ear and bounces off the walls and you turn to see a beautiful woman standing a few feet away. 

You almost jump out of your shoes before exclaiming,  “You scared me!” This time her laugh was a little more husky, a little more predatory.  “I’m supposed to scare you, I’m a ghost, silly. I’m so glad you could make it”

Dance with me

Her black hair, sleek and wet, partially covered her face. It’s long and silky length covering her bare shoulders. Her dress white and translucent, clung to her lovely curves. Her nipples were hard and stiff with the cold, beckoning you to run your fingers over them to warm them up. She actually looked cold all over, her skin was pale and even her lush lips had a blue color. And on cue, as if reading your mind, she said. “I am cold, why don’t you warm me up. Dance with me you little toad.” 

First Kiss

Her voice was commanding and compelling and you found yourself walking towards her before your mind registered the fact your feet were moving. Wrapping her arms around you and pulling you into her icy embrace, her body felt soft and feminine against yours. A certain weakness overtakes you as you dance with her.. your thoughts becoming muddled and forgetting everything else but this beautiful creature. And then she’s kissing you.. her icy lips draining the rest of your strength and you slowly sink to your knees. Her cold hands pull your face between her legs, but instead of the folds of a pretty pussy, you’re greeted with a throbbing cock. The thick girthy shaft rubbing against your face makes you wonder how you could have not noticed something in such stark contrast to her feminine form.  And it is a big cock, with an ice blue vein pulsing throughout the length. And she begins pushing it into your mouth.

Sucking Ghost Girl Cock

She moaned at how hot you were, how warm the flesh of your mouth felt, and as she began slow fucking your face. Her small icy fingers gripping your hair as she begins thrusting and fucking you. Using all of you. Something amazing began to happen. Her skin began to warm…She pulled out of your mouth abruptly and you stared up at her dazed and confused.

“More” she said hungrily and with no explanation.. You knew what she wanted. She wanted your ass and you would gladly give it to her. Putting your face down and your ass up.. she was on top of you instantly, her icy dick probing your virgin ass. Maybe if your brain weren’t so fuzzy.. if you weren’t so weak and eager to please, you could resist. But right now in this moment you wanted nothing more than to submit yourself.. all of yourself to her. Her cold rod began to penetrate you,  her ghost cock soothing the burn of your asshole pussy being stretched.. With that one movement your mind went blank, lost in a blissful haze, forgetting where you were.. 


You whimper little moans and then began crying from the sweet pleasure and pain in your now deflowered ass. Yet your lips locked together, her ghost cock filling you up. Every inch of your throat clenched tight as her body writhed atop you.. grinding your chest into the floor and back and forth. Her hips slapping against your ass sending electric shocks through your body. All thoughts gone from your head, only pleasure there remained. 

You have no idea how long she fucked you. Time seemed to stand still as she filled your eager ass with her dark desires. Your ass gave way under her might and you became completely pliant to her will. Knowing only two things. That you are to be hers and hers alone.. And two.. that you love her. And that one thought made you smile and moan. As she penetrated deeper and deeper and the joy that overwhelmed you overtook any other feeling you had known. She thrusted in slow deliberate motions, driving deeper and harder into you until she filled every inch of your tight virgin hole. A look of utter disbelief washed across her face as you began pushing back into her. Your ass squeezes the cock inside of you like a warm liquid vise.. and suddenly her cum gushes from her cock in an icy flood, filling your insides and leaking out of you onto the floor. She keeps bucking her hips… her icy jizz filling your every pore until you’re shaking and shivering. 

Pulling out of you she kisses the back of your neck and to your shock and surprise her lips are warm. “Mmm my sweet.. that was so nice and just what I needed.”

Eternally Hers

You try to reply but you feel so weak and so cold.  “Aww my pet”, she responds to your feeble efforts to lift yourself from the floor. Leaning down to caress your face and you lean into her warmth. You are just soooo very cold now. “Just relax, you belong to me now. I’ve decided I’m going to keep you.” You stare at her in disbelief as you take in her now warm and peachy complexion . “I must go now.. I have another date!” She winks and vanishes before your eyes.

Bonus, round..

Did you find the movie trivia in my story? Its a quote from the scary movie that inspired this story. The first person to tell me know in the comments will get 5 minutes on a call with me 15 minutes or longer!

Your Next Stop in the Enchantrix Enchanted Forest

Mmm, you really are a glutton for sweet torment. Lucky for you Miss Scarlet has some ticklish delights in store for you in your next stop in our Enchanted Forest. Happy Halloween!

Missing Cheerleader Sissy

(Scroll down and press play to read the last texts from the Missing Cheerleader Sissy)

Hmmm, I’m beginning to think that maybe we need a buddy system or something. I helped my little sissy friend get all dolled up as a sexy little cheerleader sissy for a big date with her Spookstr match. Again.. no one has heard of this app, it really sounds kind of sus to me. They were supposed to hook up in the Enchantrix Enchanted Forest. I’ve been waiting to hear how things went and now her phone is saying the number is no longer in service? I dressed her really slutty… I hope no one needs a virgin for their spooky spells or she’s in BIG trouble. Poor sissy!

Have you seen Ken Barbie?

(Scroll down and press play to read the last texts from Ken Barbie)

Have you seen Ken Barbie? Lol, he’s not really Ken Barbie but that was his Halloween Costume this year. It sounds really cute. You probably haven’t run into him, however, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask. Apparently he hooked up with a match from that new Spookstr dating app. Only thing is.. no one can find this app. No one has even heard of this app. Now all that’s left of him is his phone and some craaazy text messages. Wild isn’t it? I guess now if you do see him, you probably want to stay keep your distance. Unless you want to join him among the missing.

Well it seems like bodies are already piling up! It seems that you guys can’t help yourselves. Not that I blame you. It is impossible to resist the seductive powers of the Mistresses of Enchantrix Empire. Honestly meeting your fate at our hands is truly divine way to go out. However, I do feel bad for the guys locked away in chastity with it being Locktober and all. Just checking in with you. Stay on the path and follow along the blog train. If you see Ken Barbie, tell him we’re looking for him. Alright, gotta run! I have a few texts to send 😈. Talk to you soon… hopefully

Princess Bethany

Enchantrix Empire Enchanted Forest Blog Chain Lost & Found

Oh look another victim… ahem.. I mean visitor. Welcome to the Enchantrix Empire’s 2023 Halloween Blog Chain! This year we are taking you on walk through an Enchanted Forest full of all kinds of wicked surprises. If you are just getting started on your journey, allow me to direct you to where it all begins. Join Miss Constance in the Giantess Cave and follow the path of spooky kinky delights.

2023 Halloween Blog Chain Lost & Found

Each year I do the Halloween Blog Chain Lost & found, but unfortunately we still loose a few poor souls. Their ghosts are still wandering the Enchanted Forest to this day luring unsuspecting victims off the path, looking to trade places with the living. If you find yourself lost, you can check back here to pick up right where you left off. I will make sure nothing happens to you.

And if you are feeling particularly brave and craving more of our enchanting delights, feel free to visit our previous years Fetish Halloween story trains

The Forest is beautiful and terrifying all at the same time. Take care, stay safe and, make sure you stay on path and I will see you on the other side. I hope…