Dick girl Ball Worship

dickgirl ball worship

Hey, guys, I’ve got a new idea for you if you like body worship with your favorite t-girl Princess–ball worship!

I know, it may sound a little crazy, but just hear me out for a minute. I know you guys love worshipping me, and who can blame you? But after you’ve worshipped my feet, my legs, my ass, my breasts, my cock…what else is left? Sure, you could worship my hands or my hair or something. But I think ball worship sounds way more fun. Don’t you agree?

Let’s Start With Some Foot Worship

I’m actually thinking what you can do is start at my feet. I have adorable little feet, and if you have a foot fetish, you’ll love worshipping them. Then, after you’ve lavished some attention on my feet, you can make your way up my sexy long legs. After that, a little thigh worship wouldn’t be out of place. And then, maybe I’ll let you show me how good you are at ass worship.

After you’ve thoroughly adored all these other parts of me, I’m going to let you start the ball worship aspect. We’ll let that happen *before* the cock worship. Once I’ve got my beautiful t-girl cock in your mouth, I won’t want to take it out, even for ball worship. But if you do it first, I can lie back and enjoy every minute of it.

Ball Worship Is Heavenly

And I think I will lie down on my back with my sexy legs spread for you. You can lie down on your stomach while you run your tongue over my lovely balls. I absolutely love the feel of a wet tongue on my balls, so I bet my eyes will close in pleasure, and little moans will escape from my lips. You can close your eyes, too, if you like and get lost in what you’re doing. Or you can leave them open to really appreciate the job you’re doing. Either one is fine with me, as long as you’re appropriately reverent about what you’re doing for me.

Once you have my balls nice and wet from your tongue, you can start sucking on them for me. Now, you won’t want to suck on them as strongly as you suck on my cock later, but some gentle suction wouldn’t be a bad thing at all. Take first the left one in your mouth and suck on it for me. Then, after you’ve given it plenty of attention, you can turn to the right one and do th same to it.

Ball worship is abslutely heavenly, in my opinion. That’s for both me and for you! I love the feel of a mouth on my balls, and you love being allowed to worship such an intimate area on your Princess. Feel how nice and heavy and full of cum they are for you, my pet.

Now You Can Worship My Cock

After you’ve completed your ball worship task, I’ll allow you to worship my cock. Take it in your mouth and show me what a good little cocksucker you are. If you do a good enough job for me, I’ll reward you with a taste of my nice, thick cream in your mouth!

I know you crave to worship my body and especially engage in ball worship, you should definitely give me a call. I would love to gently drop my balls into your open, waiting mouth and let you adore them for me. So don’t keep me waiting for the opportunity! Now be a good slut for me pet. I want you to call your tgirl Princess a call for a ball worship phone session 👅.

TRIVIA: My first sex toy was a bullet vibrator that I bought in the mall from a store called Spencer’s! 

3 thoughts on “Dick girl Ball Worship

  1. Femcsquared says:

    What a great post! Fortunately I was blessed with such a large mouth that I can take your ENTIRE cock in it. I know you love how the back of my throat feels on you when I swallow. Of course, I have another place that will also accommodate your entire massive length and girth………..

    • MissRachel says:

      My GOODNESS, Femcsquared! *giggle* You sound very talented! With such a roomy mouth, I wonder if you could fit both of beautiful Bethany’s silky balls in your mouth at the same time without smooshing them unpleasantly!

      • Femcsquared says:

        Ahh Miss Rachel, that’s a logical question and I can, indeed, take and have taken both of Bethany’s silky balls in my mouth together and given them a gentle massage, when she is inclined to grant her slut that profound privilege. But your comment begs the question: How is it that You know they are silky ? …. 🙂

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