From Orgasm to edging

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Mmm, hello sluts, let’s talk about orgasm edging today! I have a question for all of you. Are you someone who likes to edge for days or just for hours? Or are you not really familiar with the concept of edging while masturbating?

Well, if you fall into the latter camp, don’t worry. I’m going to help you out today.

Orgasm Edging As A Part Of Guided Masturbation

If you’ve ever done any guided masturbation with me, you know that it includes lots of orgasm edging. If I just guided you straight to your orgasm, that would suck. It’d be over too fast, and it wouldn’t feel great, either. In order to produce that wonderful feeling that JOI gives you, you need a good bit of orgasm edging. And believe me, I know how to get you to ride that line for a long, long time if I so choose!

Some of you really like to edge, while others just sort of do it because it’s a necessity for guided masturbation. Those of you who enjoy orgasm edging for its own sake are called “gooners.” Guys who edge for a purpose–say to make their orgasm more intense or to give themselves a bigger load to eat later–are simply masturbators. But if you jerk it in order to ride the edge for hours or days, you’re definitely a gooner. Sorry, I don’t make the rules. (Okay, well, actually, I do, and I’m not sorry at all!)

Perks To Being A Prick Tease

One of the perks to being a cock tease is that I can keep you on that edge for as long as I like. Teasing just comes naturally to me. There’s not much I can do about it. But I don’t want to change it because it’s so much fun!

Anyway, I can keep you going with orgasm edging for as long as I want. If you’re lucky, I’ll edge you for, like, an hour or so. If you’re less lucky, it may be hours or days. Of course, if you’re a true gooner, you’ll prefer days to hours!

Another perk of being a prick tease is that I can keep your cock hard even after I let you cum. You may wonder why this is important….

Eating Your Own Cum For Me

Well, the answer is, it’s important for CEI reasons. If you can stay hard after you cum, it’ll be much easier for you to eat your load for me. I’ll keep you so horny after you blow that you’ll be gobbling it down like it’s nothing, even if you’ve never done it before!

I mean, honestly, I just love having a guy eat his cum for me. There’s something so sexy about it. I love the visuals, and I love hearing the sound of you licking it off your fingers. So hot!

The great part about orgasm edging is that it leads to big loads for you to eat later. I rarely do outright tease and denial because I like having you eat your cum for me. (Although, sometimes I do tease and denial….)

Mostly, though, I just edge you for a long while, and then I let you cum. You eat it for me like a good boy, and I praise you for it. That’s the way it works. You know this, and you adore me for it. So if you’re ready for a lot of orgasm edging and then a little cum eating at the end, you know what to do. Call your Princess now!

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