About Me

I am a transgendered femdom Mistress and I fully embrace my sexuality of being a confidant dominant girl with a cock. I consider myself all girl. I am a Princess, no exceptions, only one very sexy addition 😉 . You may hear me refer to her as my girl-cock or princess cock, lol I have all kinds of names for it. 

I’m sensual and bratty in my domination and sometimes strict when I feel the situation calls for it. I enjoy teasing shy guys that express a curiosity in serving a princess like me

What’s like to serve a tgirl Princess? 

I’m playful, sassy and energetic and I love making men, weak thirsty sluts for my fat futa cock. I’m going to get up close and personal with you and make your body and mind my personal playground. Be ready to follow orders and worship me as a Princess deserves. 


My Specialties

Anal Training,  Ass Play,  &  Guided Prostate Milking*
Guided & Mutual Masturbation

Stroking my girl cock with you would be so hot! 

Cock teasing, edging & orgasm denial

Who knows how to tease your cock better than a girl who has one of her own? Imagine the endless ways I can make you squirm  I will make you listen to me stroke and satisfy my needs while making you deny your own. 

Feminization & Sissy training

I love sissies and femme boys. Dressing you up and training you to be a real girl

Body worship, Coerced Cock Sucking & Cum Eating

Yeah, you know what that means 😀


I have a deliciously bratty mean streak for those who deserve to be treated badly. I will stomp all over your pride and leave your manhood in shreds