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Spookstr Date in the Enchanted Forest

ghost girl with a dick, ghost futa, futanari ghost

Aww did the Miss Maya, the enchanting succubus use you all up? Don’t worry, I will be using you in a different way. Don’t you and I have a date?

Mysterious Dating app Spookstr

So a popular dating App launched a Halloween version this year, and you were one of the lucky few selected to try its beta version. If it is a success, they will release it full scare next Halloween. Even better, you got a match, a beautiful yet very mysterious woman. And she’s so into you. After exchanging several texts you are convinced you have to meet her. The two of you agree to meet for a lovely walk through the Enchanted Forest.

Where is everyone?

The moon which had been nestled in a cozy blanket of clouds slowly began to reveal itself, its pale light penetrating the dark forest. However the light did not bring warmth and reassurance. It made things seem a bit more cold.. sinister. It cast dark shadows of things that could not be seen. There was something in the air, something warning you to leave now. But you just couldn’t bring yourself to run.. Yet.

Before your phone mysteriously died without warning, you received a text from your date informing you she was waiting for you at the meeting spot. Up until that point you were sure that you were in the wrong space. Where is everyone? Did she really walk through this forest alone? This forest was supposed to be a “haunted forest” sponsored by the makers of the Spookstr app. Well now you feel a little silly. If she walked through the forest, it can’t be THAT bad. I guess the creepy forest was having the desired effect. Setting the mood for the night. You are meeting up with a very sexy ghost girl. Before you know it you are at the old “haunted” house in the middle of the forest.. and once again it seemed eerily empty.

“There you are my sweet..” the voice calls out to you, seeming to echo from many different places in the room.  “I’m so happy you made it. I was beginning to worry you were lost in the woods.” Your breath catches for a moment startled by her voice, your eyes darting around trying to find her. In the middle of the room there was darkness that didn’t quite fit the other shadows. It moved like liquid among the walls towards you and you could feel the temperature dropping the closer it got. As much as your eyes wanted to bring the shadowy figure into focus, it remained blurry. A cold finger tapped you on the shoulder and you jumped, letting out an embarrassing high pitch squeal. Playful laughter chimes against your ear and bounces off the walls and you turn to see a beautiful woman standing a few feet away. 

You almost jump out of your shoes before exclaiming,  “You scared me!” This time her laugh was a little more husky, a little more predatory.  “I’m supposed to scare you, I’m a ghost, silly. I’m so glad you could make it”

Dance with me

Her black hair, sleek and wet, partially covered her face. It’s long and silky length covering her bare shoulders. Her dress white and translucent, clung to her lovely curves. Her nipples were hard and stiff with the cold, beckoning you to run your fingers over them to warm them up. She actually looked cold all over, her skin was pale and even her lush lips had a blue color. And on cue, as if reading your mind, she said. “I am cold, why don’t you warm me up. Dance with me you little toad.” 

First Kiss

Her voice was commanding and compelling and you found yourself walking towards her before your mind registered the fact your feet were moving. Wrapping her arms around you and pulling you into her icy embrace, her body felt soft and feminine against yours. A certain weakness overtakes you as you dance with her.. your thoughts becoming muddled and forgetting everything else but this beautiful creature. And then she’s kissing you.. her icy lips draining the rest of your strength and you slowly sink to your knees. Her cold hands pull your face between her legs, but instead of the folds of a pretty pussy, you’re greeted with a throbbing cock. The thick girthy shaft rubbing against your face makes you wonder how you could have not noticed something in such stark contrast to her feminine form.  And it is a big cock, with an ice blue vein pulsing throughout the length. And she begins pushing it into your mouth.

Sucking Ghost Girl Cock

She moaned at how hot you were, how warm the flesh of your mouth felt, and as she began slow fucking your face. Her small icy fingers gripping your hair as she begins thrusting and fucking you. Using all of you. Something amazing began to happen. Her skin began to warm…She pulled out of your mouth abruptly and you stared up at her dazed and confused.

“More” she said hungrily and with no explanation.. You knew what she wanted. She wanted your ass and you would gladly give it to her. Putting your face down and your ass up.. she was on top of you instantly, her icy dick probing your virgin ass. Maybe if your brain weren’t so fuzzy.. if you weren’t so weak and eager to please, you could resist. But right now in this moment you wanted nothing more than to submit yourself.. all of yourself to her. Her cold rod began to penetrate you,  her ghost cock soothing the burn of your asshole pussy being stretched.. With that one movement your mind went blank, lost in a blissful haze, forgetting where you were.. 


You whimper little moans and then began crying from the sweet pleasure and pain in your now deflowered ass. Yet your lips locked together, her ghost cock filling you up. Every inch of your throat clenched tight as her body writhed atop you.. grinding your chest into the floor and back and forth. Her hips slapping against your ass sending electric shocks through your body. All thoughts gone from your head, only pleasure there remained. 

You have no idea how long she fucked you. Time seemed to stand still as she filled your eager ass with her dark desires. Your ass gave way under her might and you became completely pliant to her will. Knowing only two things. That you are to be hers and hers alone.. And two.. that you love her. And that one thought made you smile and moan. As she penetrated deeper and deeper and the joy that overwhelmed you overtook any other feeling you had known. She thrusted in slow deliberate motions, driving deeper and harder into you until she filled every inch of your tight virgin hole. A look of utter disbelief washed across her face as you began pushing back into her. Your ass squeezes the cock inside of you like a warm liquid vise.. and suddenly her cum gushes from her cock in an icy flood, filling your insides and leaking out of you onto the floor. She keeps bucking her hips… her icy jizz filling your every pore until you’re shaking and shivering. 

Pulling out of you she kisses the back of your neck and to your shock and surprise her lips are warm. “Mmm my sweet.. that was so nice and just what I needed.”

Eternally Hers

You try to reply but you feel so weak and so cold.  “Aww my pet”, she responds to your feeble efforts to lift yourself from the floor. Leaning down to caress your face and you lean into her warmth. You are just soooo very cold now. “Just relax, you belong to me now. I’ve decided I’m going to keep you.” You stare at her in disbelief as you take in her now warm and peachy complexion . “I must go now.. I have another date!” She winks and vanishes before your eyes.

Bonus, round..

Did you find the movie trivia in my story? Its a quote from the scary movie that inspired this story. The first person to tell me know in the comments will get 5 minutes on a call with me 15 minutes or longer!

Your Next Stop in the Enchantrix Enchanted Forest

Mmm, you really are a glutton for sweet torment. Lucky for you Miss Scarlet has some ticklish delights in store for you in your next stop in our Enchanted Forest. Happy Halloween!

Enchantrix Empire Enchanted Forest Blog Chain Lost & Found

Oh look another victim… ahem.. I mean visitor. Welcome to the Enchantrix Empire’s 2023 Halloween Blog Chain! This year we are taking you on walk through an Enchanted Forest full of all kinds of wicked surprises. If you are just getting started on your journey, allow me to direct you to where it all begins. Join Miss Constance in the Giantess Cave and follow the path of spooky kinky delights.

2023 Halloween Blog Chain Lost & Found

Each year I do the Halloween Blog Chain Lost & found, but unfortunately we still loose a few poor souls. Their ghosts are still wandering the Enchanted Forest to this day luring unsuspecting victims off the path, looking to trade places with the living. If you find yourself lost, you can check back here to pick up right where you left off. I will make sure nothing happens to you.

And if you are feeling particularly brave and craving more of our enchanting delights, feel free to visit our previous years Fetish Halloween story trains

The Forest is beautiful and terrifying all at the same time. Take care, stay safe and, make sure you stay on path and I will see you on the other side. I hope…

Monster’s Ball Blog Train Lost & Found..

fetish Halloween Stories

Monster Ball LOST and FOUND

Wow you are a brave soul.. showing up to our Monster’s Ball. I’m really happy that you’re here and we the Mistresses of Enchantrix Empire have so much in store for you. Hopefully you won’t end up like the last guy. He made it all the way to the end only to vanish into thin air. He was never to be seen again..

Monster’s Ball Lost and Found page

No, I won’t allow that won’t happen to you and just to be sure I put together a Monster’s Ball LOST and FOUND page for this year’s Enchantrix Halloween Fetish Stories chain. You can visit this page to begin your journey or easily pick up where you left off. All of the stories are featured in the order of the date they were published so all you have to do is click on the picture and it will take you to the Mistress story posted for that day!

Add it to your bookmarks!

Make sure you add it to your bookmarks! I am updating the lost and found page with the latest post daily, so it will be easy to keep up! We really want you to make it through to the end! Horny guys disappearing is really bad for business.

If you are feeling brave you can check out my Halloween Fetish Audios or previous years Halloween Fetish Stories Here . Warning: Some are scary, some are funny.. they are all sexy. Read at your own risk!

Dickgirl Voodoo Doll

Voodoll Mistress, Femdom Mistress with a VooDoo doll

*Record scraaatch* 

Yup.. you’re probably wondering how you got here.

It began after Ms Andi’s trip to Giantess Island and the Portal From Hell. Yeah you actually survived that. Your journey, however is not over just yet. I’m going to warn you right now. This story includes coerced bi, coerced cock sucking, coaxed cum eating, CFNM, humiliation, and a futanari voodoo dickgirl doll (me) with a supernatural appetite for virgin men. Good luck ?

Legend of the Dickgirl Voodoo Doll

There is a legend that if you bury a voodoo doll in the cemetery of Enchantrix Empire Camp Sleepaway, while thinking about your greatest sexual fantasy. She will come alive and make it come true. Be careful what you wish for.

Your cabin mate pats you on the shoulder startling you from your day dream.

“I saw you sneak out last night! You did it didn’t you? You buried the doll!” Your face turns red giving you away before you can think of a reply.  “Haha, I knew you were going to do it! Fuck, I’m so jealous.. camp legend or not. If there was even a sliver of truth to that legend, my ass would have been at the cemetery last night too!”

A Gift from Duchess

The doll he was referring to, was a gift from one of the mistresses She had given it to you the day before. A beautiful enchanting doll, she carved by hand for you the “virgin boy.”  The doll had an otherworldly quality to it.  She had jet black hair and toffee colored skin. Her dark brown eyes stared back you, as if they could see your deepest secrets. It really was an odd gift and really couldn’t do anything to change your virgin status. Still a gift from the Duchess was no small gesture. Thinking that, you begin to feel regretful of leaving the doll buried in the cold ground of the cemetery. You felt silly for even entertaining the idea of a ridiculous camp legend. With that thought, you make the decision to retrieve it tonight while everyone is at the Halloween party. 

CFNM Halloween Party

Later that evening, the Enchantrix Halloween party is in full swing. The ladies are dressed to the nines in costumes both sexy and frightening. The men are serving in suits and ties. It was a CFNM party, the only part of you wearing the tie was your cock. Yes, they made you wear a little tuxedo on your dick. It was evidently clear to EVERYONE, why you are still a virgin and more than a few giggles and outright laughter followed in your wake.

A visit to the cemetery

With everyone distracted, you made your way through the woods to the cemetery and quickly found the spot where you buried the doll. Not wanting to be out there any longer than necessary,  you waste no time digging in search of her. Digging and digging in the dirt and finding…nothing. Where was it? You were sure that this was the spot. You shiver, feeling very cold all of a sudden and you decide that maybe digging around in the dark for a second time in one week wasn’t a good idea. Coming back tomorrow before leaving camp would be smarter.

You’re not alone

You stand up to leave and let out a yelp when you realize you’re not alone. There is a woman standing in front of you, staring at you with her head tilted to the side, and standing very still. How long had she been there?

“What are you looking for?” she asks. Her husky voice seemed to flow in soft whispers. Small fangs peeked out from her lips as she spoke. Something about her seems both familiar and unsettling at the same time. You don’t remember seeing her anywhere at camp. The hairs on the back of your neck stand up and your heartbeat picks up, drowning out everything else.

“Uhh, nothing. Well I mean it was something, but it’s not here, so I’m just going to go” you stammer.

Granting your greatest desire

“I belong to you,” she says, her lips spreading in a predatory smile. “I am here to fulfill your greatest sexual fantasy. Is that not something you want?” Seeing that you’re rendered speechless, she smiles wider this time, her fangs on full display. “Is that not why you buried me here in the cemetery?” Those eyes… the same eyes that belong to… wait.. no. It couldn’t be. It was your voodoo doll… only she was not a doll. Now it’s time to run.. 

There is no escape

You don’t even see her move. One minute you’re about to run from her and the next minute she’s straddling your face with her knees pinning your arms by your head. In a lightening fast move she pierces your neck with her razor sharp fangs, marking you. When she finally pulls away, she runs her small pink tongue over her fangs as if memorizing your taste, and pulls off her dress revealing a distended cock.The veiny organ was thick was as your forearm and the head was drooling copious amounts of precum. Having to use both hands to handle it, she stroked it, eyeing you hungrily.

The virginity sacrifice

She slapped her meaty dick across your face, clear sticky precum oozing out and running down your cheek. You open your mouth, desperate to convince her that there must be some kind of mistake. A misunderstanding. But she only uses that as an opportunity to shove her obscenely swollen girl cock between your lips. She pulls out and shoves herself back with a groan and begins to use your mouth roughly. The cum in her balls sloshing around as they bounce up and down on your chin before spewing out, coating your throat and your face. She stands up and looks down at you in all of her terrifying glory. Her dick was still hard.

“As I said,” she growls as she pushes your legs over your head so that your ass is exposed and your stiff penis is pointed at your face, “I belong to you, and now you belong to me. I am going to fuck you and grant your greatest desire. When I am done with you, no one will laugh at you for being a virgin. Ever. Again.” And with that she begins to stuff her fat futa cock into your ass, her chilling laughter filling the night.

The next morning

You wake up in your bed to the sounds of your cabin mates packing up to leave camp. It was all a dream? Convincing yourself the disappointment you’re feeling is really relief, you go to swing yourself out bed and find it hard to move. Your body feels sore and well used. You decide to lay back down for a few minutes to get your bearings but when you do, something sharp pokes you. You look down at the bed to see the voodoo doll looking back at you, her serene smile now curved into a smirk with a trace of blood on her lips.

**The artwork in featured in this post is by the artist 3DX character artist @MakaioKealoha on twitter and used with her permission! Check her out!**


Jack O’Lantern Blow Job

pumpkin fucking, having sex with a pumpkin, fucking a pumpkin

Craft Time – Jack O’Lantern Blow Job

Oh Hello, so glad to see you made it! Actually I’m quite impressed that you’ve made it this far, but we are only halfway through. Well let’s take a break from all the spooky horrors that the other Enchantrix Ladies have put you through. I know.. I know they are so beautiful, mean, and sadistically wicked. Don’t worry though, you are safe here with me! Why don’t we do a little arts and crafts project to get your mind off the scary events.

Carving your very own pumpkin pussy

Now, has everyone picked out their pumpkin? Good, let’s begin by carving the eyes and nose! Here’s your chance to show of your carving skills, get creative and make it fun! Don’t worry about scooping out any filling, that will cum in handy later (winks). Now, for the mouth, I want you to carve a hole just slightly bigger than the girth of your dick. Don’t overestimate your penis size. If you have a little penis, carve a little hole! I will humiliate you in front of the other campers if you try to convince yourself your cock is bigger than it really is. For you with the little innie clit, do the best you can, I will make a special accommodation just for you! We at Enchantrix Empire Sleepaway camp pride ourselves in make sure everyone “fits in” *grins*

Camp Side Masturbation Buddies

Let’s take a look at those pumpkin pussies.. very nice. Look at those wet, glistening holes. Mmm, they are begging to be filled with something. But not so fast! Camp arts and crafts should also be a bonding experience. Everyone take out their cocks. Don’t be shy there you go, since we are in a circle everyone is going to reach to their right and stroke the guys dick next to them. Just like holding hands, but dicks instead. There’s nothing like mutual masturbation with your camping buddies! See we’re bonding ? 

Pumpkin Pussy Mouth Pie Holes

Now I want you to slide your cock into that hole and feel that warm pumpkin pulp surround your cock. You heard me, fuck those pumpkin holes for your Princess and enjoy your Jack O’Lantern Blow Job! You have my permission to shoot your load when you’re ready. Fill up those pumpkin holes with your cum. Isn’t arts and crafts fun? Oh you with the innie… hahaha well even in a camp full of the supernatural some things can’t be helped. If you are too small for REAL pussy then naturally you are too small for pumpkin pussy. But that’s okay! Just bend over and lick that that pussy pumpkin.. don’t mind me.. I’m just going to stuff you with my fat girl cock and use your deliciously tight bottom. 

Pumpkin Cream Pie

I bet you came hard. You poor guys.. with all the horrors that you’ve faced to get here, and I know a lot of you wont survive until the end. Now boys arts and crafts is almost over. Time to clean up. I want you to lick your cum out of that pumpkin pie hole. French kiss it, make out with it, eat it out, and slurp it all up. Don’t be afraid to get your face messy! Yes, you are going to eat your cum and lick up every drop of that pumpkin cream pie. As for Little Miss Innie.. I’m going to pull my princess cock out of your ass just in time to give your face a thick hot serving of my special cummy filling. 

Enchantrix Empire’s Camp Sleepaway

Thank you for coming to Camp Sleepaway arts and crafts with Princess Bethany. I hope you enjoyed the short break from all of the fucktivities and horrors, now back to our regularly scheduled program, Duchess Willow’s Ebony Femdom Demonic Foot Worship.? Want to start at the beginning? We have new campers arriving daily, Check in here with Ms Cassidy to get your camping gear!

Tarantula CBT & Tickle Tease with Princess Bethany

CBT & tickle torment

Time to Make you Squirm

The room is dark with just enough light filtered through the small window for you to see your body. You are strapped down to the table the leather cuffs holding you securely in place. They give you enough room to wiggle, but you find the more you wiggle the tighter they become. I chuckle as I saunter into the room. Smiling down at you I walk around the the table smugly admiring my handiwork. My long nails gently raking across your skin sending shivers up your spine. You fidget with helplessness, your naked body a reminder of how vulnerable you are to whatever it is I have planned for you. I wrap my hand around your cock and between stroking, slowly at first.. very methodical. My slender fingers gripping you firm and true. I slide them up and down your cock until it is painfully stiff with precum bubbling out of the tip slicking up my fingers. I walk to up and smear that glistening pre-cum across your lips before disappearing into the shadows of the room.

Tickling Tarantulas

Your eyes widen in terror when I return almost immediately holding two of the biggest tarantula spiders you’ve ever seen.Hahaha I cackle loudly at the stark fear as you eye my fingers gently petting my furry pets. I then place them every soo carefully onto your naked crotch. You can feel the pads of their furry legs walking over the most delicate sensitive parts of your body. Your cock and balls. Your body jerks in fear and the tarantulas hiss raising their front legs in terrible warning“No, no no”.. I warn shaking my finger at you. You see my little pets give a nasty nasty bite when frightened.. sudden movements and loud noises will have them sinking their fangs into your flesh.”

Sadistic Tickle Torment

Trying to calm yourself and force your body to relax, only to tense up again when you see me produce a very long black feather. Grinning, I begin to stroke the feather along the tarantulas and then between your inner thighs. The wispy feel of the feather dips underneath your knees and you jerk involuntarily trying to escape the ticklish sensation. Sliding that feather down up to your armpits, I grin as you try to squeeze them close to your body. Oh my, it looks like I’ve found your spot. I begin to tickle your arm pits over and over. You try to hold your giggles in but after a few minutes of deliberate tickle torment you burst out in loud peels of laughter your body jerking and your breath in deep heaving pants. My large pet spiders hiss and sink their fangs into your cock and balls and you squeal in pain. Mmm such a wonderful sound. I run that feather along your body tickling you and try as you you might you can’t get away from it. 

Never Just one Bite

Your jerking and pleases get louder and louder and then it happens again. One of my arachnid friends bites you, you scream in pain, but hahaha I don’t stop. I keep tickling my way around your body leaving no inch of your naked vulnerable body untouched. Your toes your neck, your stomach, nothing escapes my attention. Your cries for mercy only driving your fate as my spiders continue to prick at your cock and balls with their sharp fangs. There is no escaping my twisted Tarantula CBT torment. What would you do for mercy? Do you think you can convince me to give it to you? Mmmm, let’s find out together Miss Riley’s next in our Halloween Blog train. You can find here if you dare… grins and I KNOW you do. Your Sadistically Witchy Babe With a Boner,Tgirl Princess Bethany