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Mesmerizing Cum Eating

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Are you curious about cum eating, but haven’t quite been able to get past the mental blocks that hold you back from actually tasting your own cum? Well, don’t you worry, my pet. Your favorite t-girl Princess has just the solution for you.

Some guys with this problem think they basically need someone to make them eat it. But that’s not what I’m here to do. Sure, I suppose I could hold you down and put it to your lips and not let go until you licked it all off my fingers. But we both know that’s not my style at all. Instead, I’m going to teach you to want to eat your own cum for me. With a little mesmerizing cum eating with me, those mental blocks you have about it will just dissolve into thin air. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

It’s All About The Masturbation Trance

So you may be wondering exactly how this works. How can Princess just erase my mental blocks like that? The answer is, it’s all about the masturbation trance.

Basically, I start by helping you relax. I always like to ask what kind of environment you find most relaxing. Some people might say “a day at the beach,” while others might prefer a quiet mountain forest or a clearing next to the river or something. Anyway, once I identify the perfect relaxing environment for you, I like to help you envision being there. That’ll help take any tension out of your body and mind and help you be able to concentrate on pleasing me.

Once you’ve pictured your happy place in your mind and gotten really relaxed for me, I’m going to take control. I’ll lead you through a roleplay or two where you easily eat your cum. As I do that, you’ll notice that you’re becoming more and more eager to eat your cum for me.

Edging For Maximum Amounts Of Cum

Of course, in order to get the maximum amount of cum out of you for you to eat, we’ll need to do a little orgasm edging during your masturbation trance. Every time you can manage to edge yourself without actually cumming, that means there will be that much more cum for you to eat when you finally do get off.

I will gently mesmerize you and make you feel so good. You will feel yourself slipping into a state of total bliss and relaxation as you edge for me like a good boy.

Mesmerizing Cum Eating

As you slip deeper into your masturbation trance with me, your blocks will fall away. You’ll want only to please me. And the way to please me, of course, is to eat your own cum for me.

I’ll carefully guide you through your edging and your stroking to help you cum really hard for me. Then, when the big moment comes, you can catch all your cum on your hand and fingers as you’re mesmerized by me and my beauty. That way, it’ll be extremely easy for you to just lift your hand to your mouth and partake in the cum eating that you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t been able to up until now.

You’re going to love everything about it. The taste is wonderful, and so is the texture. You’ll go crazy for the way it feels in your mouth. You won’t be able to get enough. This will just be the beginning of your cum eating addiction. And you’ll come back over and over for more.

Go ahead and give me a call to start your mesmerizing cum eating process with me. You’ll be so glad you did.

Cum Eating: Princess Needs her Cum Rag

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Loyal Cum Eating Pet

My skirt, pushed up around my waist exposes my straining cock heavy balls. My thighs spread wide giving you a glimpse of the pink jeweled butt plug nestled between my cheeks. You watch my slender fingers grip my thick shaft and stroke furiously from base to tip. Skin flushed and lips slightly parted, I pant and moan loudly. I’ve been edging and teasing my cock for a while. You know that when I finally cum that I cum a lot and it goes everywhere (grins).

I make eye contact with you and my strokes become faster. My breasts bounce with the jerky movements of my hand. My tongue slides over my lips and my face contorts in a little frown as my body tenses briefly before my thick cock begins spewing cum in thick milky spurts. I let it fly without a care in the world. The sticky mess lands on my thighs and stomach and even my tits.

I finish myself with a few remaining strokes working last remaining drops of sticky pleasure from my girl cock before smearing it on my thighs. l lean back, my body limp in the after glow. I motion for you to crawl over and do what you were meant to do.

cum eating

Human Cum Rag

You are a human cum rag. The perfect job for a cum eating whore like yourself. Your duties are to serve me by licking up cum whenever and from wherever I need you to. Like any cum rag you don’t speak. You wait quietly until you are useful and then you are quickly tossed aside. Of course this type of objectification and degradation is not for the squeamish, lol. Cum rags don’t get to be picky, your sole purpose is to clean up every sticky drop. That means licking cum from the floor, from my cum soaked panties, and of course from my princess cock. Maybe even from my ass or my lover’s cock.  If I need a face to wipe my cock on, it will be yours. It will mean giving up control of who you are, your only satisfaction will come from the humiliation of being used how however I want.

It’s a dirty job, but you know you want to do it. Time to call me and show me just how devoted you are to serving your princess with prick!

Princess Bethany 1-800-601-6975


Twitter: @babewithaboner

Skype: EnchantrixBethany