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CBT & Stroking

cbt cum eating
Have you been craving something new, like maybe some CBT lately? If so, come a little closer. We have a lot to talk about. I have found that a lot of guys are intimidated by the idea of CBT. They’re afraid of pain in that area, although a lot of cock and ball torment is really just sensation, rather than actual pain. And sensation can either be neutral or even pleasurable, if you do it right. And believe me, guys, Princess Bethany knows how to do it right!

Trying Out My CBT Instructions

Now, pretty much anyone can give you CBT or guided masturbation instructions. But not just everyone can give you instructions about methods they’ve already tried out on their own cock and balls. And that’s what I’m here for–to carefully vet my methods before I try them out on you. To be honest with you, I actually enjoy a little self-CBT from time to time. Mind you, I don’t like it extremely painful for myself, but I do like experimenting with textures and sensations. That can be really exciting and a nice treat if you’ve been doing the same thing over and over for a while when it comes to masturbation. I’m thinking of things like stroking with a sock on your hand, or placing a few clothespins on your balls, or even giving your cock a little spank here and there. All these things can be very hot.

Mixing It With Guided Masturbation

But of course, CBT is no fun all by itself. That’s why I combine it with JOI, or jerk-off instructions, to help the medicine go down more smoothly. Mixing pleasure and a little extra spicy sensation together can result in an absolutely explosive orgasm. Your favorite t-girl Princess likes giving you these kinds of instructions. They fulfill both my dominant and my sadistic sides. It’s wonderful to hear you working hard to follow my directions. Naturally, you’ll need some lube because you’re in for a lot of edging to make this more thrilling for both of us. But you don’t necessarily need anything else. Some CBT toys are great, but if you don’t have them, you won’t be missing anything. You can do most of what I ask of you with your bare hands and the rest with some common household items.

Obeying Your T-Girl Princess

So what do you guys think? Does me telling you that I won’t have you do anything I’ve never tried personally put you more at ease when it comes to CBT? I am not a masochist, myself, so if I can find pleasure in some of these things, that means you can, too! Besides, I know how submissive it makes you feel to obey me. I love giving you instructions, and you love following them. So even if what I ask you to do is a little outside your comfort zone, I know you’re willing to give it a try, anyway, just to please me. And that brings a smile to your Princess’s face! So if you’d like to try something new, or if you’d just like to please your Princess, you know what to do! Grab that phone and give me a ring. And if you have some tried-and-true CBT methods you’d like to share with me, please do that as well. You can call me, or you can leave me a comment. Either one works fine. I can’t wait to play with you and to hear what your CBT secrets are!

Dick girl Ball Worship

dickgirl ball worship

Hey, guys, I’ve got a new idea for you if you like body worship with your favorite t-girl Princess–ball worship!

I know, it may sound a little crazy, but just hear me out for a minute. I know you guys love worshipping me, and who can blame you? But after you’ve worshipped my feet, my legs, my ass, my breasts, my cock…what else is left? Sure, you could worship my hands or my hair or something. But I think ball worship sounds way more fun. Don’t you agree?

Let’s Start With Some Foot Worship

I’m actually thinking what you can do is start at my feet. I have adorable little feet, and if you have a foot fetish, you’ll love worshipping them. Then, after you’ve lavished some attention on my feet, you can make your way up my sexy long legs. After that, a little thigh worship wouldn’t be out of place. And then, maybe I’ll let you show me how good you are at ass worship.

After you’ve thoroughly adored all these other parts of me, I’m going to let you start the ball worship aspect. We’ll let that happen *before* the cock worship. Once I’ve got my beautiful t-girl cock in your mouth, I won’t want to take it out, even for ball worship. But if you do it first, I can lie back and enjoy every minute of it.

Ball Worship Is Heavenly

And I think I will lie down on my back with my sexy legs spread for you. You can lie down on your stomach while you run your tongue over my lovely balls. I absolutely love the feel of a wet tongue on my balls, so I bet my eyes will close in pleasure, and little moans will escape from my lips. You can close your eyes, too, if you like and get lost in what you’re doing. Or you can leave them open to really appreciate the job you’re doing. Either one is fine with me, as long as you’re appropriately reverent about what you’re doing for me.

Once you have my balls nice and wet from your tongue, you can start sucking on them for me. Now, you won’t want to suck on them as strongly as you suck on my cock later, but some gentle suction wouldn’t be a bad thing at all. Take first the left one in your mouth and suck on it for me. Then, after you’ve given it plenty of attention, you can turn to the right one and do th same to it.

Ball worship is abslutely heavenly, in my opinion. That’s for both me and for you! I love the feel of a mouth on my balls, and you love being allowed to worship such an intimate area on your Princess. Feel how nice and heavy and full of cum they are for you, my pet.

Now You Can Worship My Cock

After you’ve completed your ball worship task, I’ll allow you to worship my cock. Take it in your mouth and show me what a good little cocksucker you are. If you do a good enough job for me, I’ll reward you with a taste of my nice, thick cream in your mouth!

I know you crave to worship my body and especially engage in ball worship, you should definitely give me a call. I would love to gently drop my balls into your open, waiting mouth and let you adore them for me. So don’t keep me waiting for the opportunity! Now be a good slut for me pet. I want you to call your tgirl Princess a call for a ball worship phone session 👅.

TRIVIA: My first sex toy was a bullet vibrator that I bought in the mall from a store called Spencer’s! 

Missing Cheerleader Sissy

(Scroll down and press play to read the last texts from the Missing Cheerleader Sissy)

Hmmm, I’m beginning to think that maybe we need a buddy system or something. I helped my little sissy friend get all dolled up as a sexy little cheerleader sissy for a big date with her Spookstr match. Again.. no one has heard of this app, it really sounds kind of sus to me. They were supposed to hook up in the Enchantrix Enchanted Forest. I’ve been waiting to hear how things went and now her phone is saying the number is no longer in service? I dressed her really slutty… I hope no one needs a virgin for their spooky spells or she’s in BIG trouble. Poor sissy!

Have you seen Ken Barbie?

(Scroll down and press play to read the last texts from Ken Barbie)

Have you seen Ken Barbie? Lol, he’s not really Ken Barbie but that was his Halloween Costume this year. It sounds really cute. You probably haven’t run into him, however, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask. Apparently he hooked up with a match from that new Spookstr dating app. Only thing is.. no one can find this app. No one has even heard of this app. Now all that’s left of him is his phone and some craaazy text messages. Wild isn’t it? I guess now if you do see him, you probably want to stay keep your distance. Unless you want to join him among the missing.

Well it seems like bodies are already piling up! It seems that you guys can’t help yourselves. Not that I blame you. It is impossible to resist the seductive powers of the Mistresses of Enchantrix Empire. Honestly meeting your fate at our hands is truly divine way to go out. However, I do feel bad for the guys locked away in chastity with it being Locktober and all. Just checking in with you. Stay on the path and follow along the blog train. If you see Ken Barbie, tell him we’re looking for him. Alright, gotta run! I have a few texts to send 😈. Talk to you soon… hopefully

Princess Bethany

Enchantrix Empire Enchanted Forest Blog Chain Lost & Found

Oh look another victim… ahem.. I mean visitor. Welcome to the Enchantrix Empire’s 2023 Halloween Blog Chain! This year we are taking you on walk through an Enchanted Forest full of all kinds of wicked surprises. If you are just getting started on your journey, allow me to direct you to where it all begins. Join Miss Constance in the Giantess Cave and follow the path of spooky kinky delights.

2023 Halloween Blog Chain Lost & Found

Each year I do the Halloween Blog Chain Lost & found, but unfortunately we still loose a few poor souls. Their ghosts are still wandering the Enchanted Forest to this day luring unsuspecting victims off the path, looking to trade places with the living. If you find yourself lost, you can check back here to pick up right where you left off. I will make sure nothing happens to you.

And if you are feeling particularly brave and craving more of our enchanting delights, feel free to visit our previous years Fetish Halloween story trains

The Forest is beautiful and terrifying all at the same time. Take care, stay safe and, make sure you stay on path and I will see you on the other side. I hope…

Sissy Slumber Party! RSVP: Event Full/SOLD OUT

We are throwing a Sissy Slumber Party! Time to pick out your panties, lingerie, and all the special things that make you feel feminine and girlie. We are going to watch a movie and have fun and I want you to be there!

When: 9:00 pm EST Saturday, March 19, 2022

Where: Discord Sissy Slumber Party

RSVP: Click here to sign up! Event Full/SOLD OUT

** RSVP by March 10, 2022, to reserve your spot!**

Sissy girl right of passage

A sissy slumber party is a uniquely feminine right of passage that every sissy girl should experience! Here is your opportunity to wickedly indulge in your femininity. No guilt no shame, but maybe a lot of blushing lol. Getting pretty and hanging out with your girls builds that bond between women. I am beyond excited about this chance to bond with you. Movie, girl talk, pretty panties, lingerie, dildo fights.

Not sure how to get ready? Don’t worry, I’m going to help you. Keep checking back for helpful tips to prepare for our big night. Also the week of the slumber party those who sign up will get 5 minutes added to their call with each of the participating Mistresses! Mmm, sounds like an epic game of Pass the Sissy 😈

Santa’s Dickgirl Elves

dickgirl elves, futa elf, futanari elf,

🎄~ Listen to the Audio Below ~🎄

Santa’s Dickgirl Elves

One of the North Pole’s most well-kept secrets is that Santa has a team of Dickgirl elves dedicated to making naughty toys for those of you on the naughty list. Yes, I said dick girl elves. Not short little men with pointy ears, but beautiful tgirls with pointy ears and really big dicks. Shhh, you didn’t hear it from me!

pretty girl with a dick, pretty dickgirl, dickgirl mistress, tgirl princess, shemale mistress, asian ladyboy

A Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

You’re going to hear some things. But I wanted you to hear it from me first.

This holiday season has been super busy, like crazy busy. The days, until Christmas, are getting shorter and the naughty list just keeps getting longer. It seems like everyone from Enchantrix Empire ended up on this list. I decided it would be a good idea to bring in a volunteer to help me the other dickgirl elves meet that important Christmas eve deadline!

A misunderstanding

There was, however, a slight misunderstanding between me and the other elves. You see I asked Becca if she could train the new helper, you know teach him how to stuff stockings and wrap toys. Well, Becca told Bianca and then Bianca told Bailey and she told Briana. Somehow the message got mixed up and the dickgirls elves thought I said to wrap and stuff the new helper with the toys!

First, they wrapped his wrists and ankles in Christmas lights.  After they had him wrapped nice and tight, they tied a shiny red bow with little jingle bells around his cock. It was Becca’s idea to clamp the ornaments to his nipples and Briana thought putting antlers on his head would be a nice touch! Then they took turns teasing and edging his cock until he was a sobbing leaking mess. Poor guy!

Dickgirl Elves Fucking Frenzy

I didn’t realize the confusion until they invited me to see their handy work. Oh my gosh, Santa.. he was so cute all trussed up in lights and ribbons with that fat candy cane sticking out of his ass! I couldn’t help myself.  Actually, I did help myself… to his ass and his cute mouth multiple times 😈. The dickgirl elves and I took turns pounding both. We really did work ourselves into a fucking frenzy. We shoved our hard thick girl cocks into his holes and well each other’s holes too You should have heard the way the little bells on his cock tinkled as I rammed my fat dick into his boi pussy. It reminded me of the bells on your sleigh!

That is how the other girls and I ended up on the naughty list this year. I have to go now, the dickgirls and I want to mount our slut… um, I mean helper one more time before we return him back to society. Don’t worry we did manage to get all the naughty toys wrapped and your sleigh packed for tonight. Merry Christmas Santa!

Your favorite Dickgirl Elf,

Princess Bethany

Mistress of the Day

tgirl, dickgirl, ladyboy mistress, asian tgirl

Wow, I’ve been chosen as today’s Mistress of the Day! When you do a call with me between now and 11:59 pm EST you will receive 5 FREE minutes added to your phone sex call. I’m going to take a much-needed break from studying and spend this snowy day, fucking, cuddling, then definitely fucking you some more. Good thing tomorrow is still the weekend, you’ll need a day to recover 😈

Strokeathon 2021 Event Full/Sold Out

Imagine stroking your cock, the lube is running down your balls and your prick is leaking with anticipation. Your balls tighten up and you are just sooo ready to blow that load.

Then you hear my voice teasingly say, “no, not yet.” Then another voice dripping with amusement, “not until we all get a turn!” You look up and remember we are all watching your cam. Watching you stroke as if we were right there in the room with you and for the next hour your cock belongs to us!

Strokeathon is an hour-long event where myself and the other Mistresses of Enchantrix view your cam while we take turns telling you how to stroke for us! Mmm, I know it’s been pretty hot this summer and we are making things hotter!


Saturday, September 18th at 6 pm Eastern Standard time.


All participants will be invited to a special Skype group!

How to Sign up

You can sign up by visiting Event Full/Sold Out! The deadline is Wednesday, September 15th. really want to see you there, so don’t procrastinate, sign up now!


There will be 3 giveaways.

  1. Free 30 minute call with the Mistress of your choice
  2. Purchase a call and add a second Mistress free for up to 20 minutes
  3. 5 free minutes added to one paid call.

Not sure about getting on cam?

That’s okay, you can still participate! We will be having a special drawing for those of you who are not quite up to exposing yourself in all of your naked glory *grins*


Everything you need to know is on!

Futanari Amazon Princess Exhibit

It was Gregory’s first night as the museum’s night watchman when he came across the new exhibit. He had visited every night in the seven days since, and tonight being Halloween was no different. It had been set up to look like a real Amazon forest with dense trees, grass, and leaves all over. There was even a waterfall and pond. Placed throughout were statues of Amazon women. Interesting because they were not the large imposing women that come to mind when one thinks of an Amazon woman. No, these women were petite in stature. Out of the entire museum, this exhibit was the most fascinating and yet relaxing at the same time. 

The full moon peered into the dome over the forest giving it an eerie glow. He heard sounds of feminine laughter drifting over to him. He followed the sound over to the Amazon exhibit to find the statues were no longer statues but very much alive. 

The women beckoned to him with playful smiles and enticing charm. Gregory, sure that he was dreaming but in no hurry to wake, did not hesitate to join the women. They made quick work of taking off his clothes and he puffed out his chest as they eyed his erection. Yeah, he wasn’t the biggest, probably more than average, but these were Amazons they probably never even saw a cock before. They led him deeper into the springs and began to bathe him in the water, rubbing their hands over every inch of his body and working his cock to a stiff, hard, erection.

They frolicked and laughed as they massaged oils into his body, speaking to him in their ancient language. Finally, when the moon was at its highest in the sky they brought out wooden bowls filled with richly colored paints and began to decorate his body. They painted swirls of red and black around his nipples and cock and lines up the back of his thighs. He yelped when one young woman was so bold as to spread his cheeks and paint a circle around his puckered ass hole. It reminded him that as nice as his dream was, he really shouldn’t be sleeping on the job. Besides he would be back again tomorrow night.

Gregory tried his best to think of a way to wake up. One of the ladies placed a leather collar around his neck, while another placed a leather harness over his head. Gregory gasped out of alarm, his hands groping to try and remove the harness. The woman smiled at him secretly and placed a finger over his lips, while two other women grabbed his wrists and forcefully tied them behind his back. 

The coy women were no longer so playful and he could swear they had grown. In fact,  they had grown … and grown. Their small, supple, bodies transformed until he was eye level with their breasts.

He struggled hard but the Amazon women simply picked him up as if he weighed nothing and carried him to where the beautiful Amazon Princess was seated. He was placed onto a pedestal just in front of her throne, his wrists and ankles were bound and tied to steel rings that had been fastened to the sides of the pedestal. The Princess uncrossed her legs and stood, revealing an enormous, swollen, cock. She grinned down at Gregory, licking her lips as her gaze traveled over him. He felt exposed and vulnerable and with growing horror, he realized he was not the guest of honor. He was the offering to their Princess, her delectable fuck toy picked and groomed for her pleasure. 

It was a long night for Gregory. When the beautiful Amazon Princess was done using his holes, filling him with her cum until he felt like it saturated every inch of his body, she allowed her royal servants to have their way with him as well. They fucked him until the sun rose over the domed windows of the museum. Only then did the beautiful women return to their resting form and the exhibit once again fell quiet.

Gregory, however, was nowhere to be found. The only trace of him was his uniform piled up in front of the exhibit of Amazon women. The Amazon Princess sat on her throne with a look of satisfaction upon her face.

Wow, poor Gregory. No will ever know what happened to him. But if you listen closely you may hear laughter and sighs of the amazon woman as they use their new toy! I hope you enjoyed your visit to this very special exhibit you are welcome to return.. at your own risk.

Ms. Cassidy will continue your tour from here! Have fun and be careful!