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October 1st – Ms Constance  Welcome to Locktober: Spend a Spooky Night Locked in with us!

October 3rd – Ms Willow  The Curse of the Chastity Witch

October 5th – Ms Harper Victorian Doll

October 6th – Ms Brighton Halloween in the Virtual World

October 7th – Ms Hunter The Human Furniture Exhibit at the Locktober Musem

October 9th – Ms Delia Halloween Museum BDSM Exhibit

October 11th- Ms Brighton Halloween at the Locktober Museum!

October 13th – Ms Daphne Museum Hosts a Kinky Pumpkin Carving Contest

October 15th – Ms Andi The Haunted BDSM Wax Museum

October 17th – Ms Rachael The Haunted Gallery of Humiliatrix Paintings

October 21st – Ms Erika Blindfolded and Helpless: A Spooky Sexy Adventure

October 23rd – Ms Nadia Spooky Museum: Exhibit of CBT Devices

October 25th – Ms Audrey Sissy Halloween Apple Bobbing

October 27th – Princess Bethany Futa Amazon Princess Exhibit

October 31st – Ms Brighton The Stepford Mistress Exhibit

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🕷️ Click on the links below to read each story🕷️

October 16th – Ms Brighton The Haunted Showers of Camp Enchantrix

October 17th – Ms Constance Enchantrix Camp Erotica Bound and Branded

October 18th – Duchess Willow Ebony Femdom Demon Nurse 

October 20th – Ms Rachael The Ghostly Gooner Goddess of Camp Enchantrix

October 21st – Ms Daphne Sissy Dressing for Halloween

** Arts & Crafts Break: Jack O Lantern Blow Jobs with Princess Bethany **

October 22nd – Duchess Willow Ebony Femdom Demonic Foot Worship

October 23rd – Ms Harper Satanic Cock Sucking at the Enchantrix Camp for Wayward Sluts

October 26th – Ms Claire Pumpkin Cream Pie – Trick or Treat!

October 30th – Ms Andi Giantess Island and the Portal From Hell

October 31st- Princess Bethany Dickgirl Voodoo Doll