Am I a Mean Girl?

Mean girl

It’s 1825 days and counting..

The other day I had a call with this silly man. He has confessed to me on several different occasions during our conversation that he hasn’t had sex with his wife in over 5 years! It has been 1825 days and counting since he got laid. Seriously, no sex in 5 years? That could not be me. I enjoy sex way too much, but then my dick is a fucking monster. So of course this guy is horny in the most desperate of ways, but believe it or not, he’s not horny for sex with his wife. No this slut would rather be on his knees sucking my princess cock. He would rather suck cock than get pussy?

Cocksuckers are showoffs

There have been a number of times I sent him back to work with my cum leaving a glossy sheen on his lips. I know for a fact he secretly wishes his wife and her friends would catch him sucking my tgirl cock (cocksuckers are such showoffs). The humiliation of being caught with my dick down his throat would send him right over the edge! His little man clit would probably explode right there for all to see. Between me pounding his mouth and calling him out for the slut that he is, the complete exposure would be too much. I don’t think that is wife would really be that surprised that he’s a cock sucker. There’s a reason she doesn’t touch him. She wised up and started cuckolding him a long time ago. Shh, I didn’t mention that to him during our call. See, I practiced a little restraint. What would surprise his wife however, is how much he ENJOYS it. He can literally cum from pleasing me!

Am I a Mean Girl?

Now you’re probably thinking.. wow that’s harsh. But sometimes I like to be the mean girl. I enjoy mercilessly picking away at your ego, before squishing your manhood into pieces. He knows he deserves a good destruction and that’s why he begs for it. Yes, he begs me to destroy him and he loves me even more when I am ruthless. Sometimes that’s what it takes to get you guys to stop trying to poke women with your small clit dicks. A girl who will gleefully put you on your knees and show you what kind of dick you should have been born with?

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8 thoughts on “Am I a Mean Girl?

  1. Duchess Willow says:

    I like when you go all savage on these heauxs and send them crying back to their wifeys. That’s what they get, and that’s not mean that’s the truth. Your cock being a monster is also #FACTS He might be a pussy free beta but we know his mouth works. 😉

    • Princess Bethany says:

      *Grins* Mm thank you.. it’s amazing what our heauxs will do when they are denied pussy! It really does bring them to their knees.

  2. Wussy says:

    Thank you for sharing this with us Princess. I’ve recently had a dry spell myself and it became apparent that she wasn’t missing the 5 minute marathon sessions with me.. Lack of orgasms and intercourse has Opened my mind to satisfying girl cock, or at least trying too!

    • Princess Bethany says:

      ?? Wussy, you need to open more than your mind. You need to open your mouth …. wide. Don’t worry after a good amount orgasm denial you won’t be “trying” to you will just do it.

  3. cocksucker connie says:

    Thank you Princess Bethany I did beg you to post about me and how I love being you faggot cock sucker,, cum rage.


    • Princess Bethany says:

      You did more than beg.. you made a complete fool of yourself. Imagine if everyone else knew what I know about you *shakes head* I pretty much own you.

  4. Paulie says:

    Princess Bethany
    Thank you for sharing your story. i have to realize that my clit isn’t enough to satisfy a woman and need to do more. Thank you Princess paulie

    • Princess Bethany says:

      You’re welcome Paulie. You are right your sissy clit is NOT enough to satisfy a woman, but your sissy mouth is enough to satisfy my cock *grins*

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