Have you seen Ken Barbie?

(Scroll down and press play to read the last texts from Ken Barbie)

Have you seen Ken Barbie? Lol, he’s not really Ken Barbie but that was his Halloween Costume this year. It sounds really cute. You probably haven’t run into him, however, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask. Apparently he hooked up with a match from that new Spookstr dating app. Only thing is.. no one can find this app. No one has even heard of this app. Now all that’s left of him is his phone and some craaazy text messages. Wild isn’t it? I guess now if you do see him, you probably want to stay keep your distance. Unless you want to join him among the missing.

Well it seems like bodies are already piling up! It seems that you guys can’t help yourselves. Not that I blame you. It is impossible to resist the seductive powers of the Mistresses of Enchantrix Empire. Honestly meeting your fate at our hands is truly divine way to go out. However, I do feel bad for the guys locked away in chastity with it being Locktober and all. Just checking in with you. Stay on the path and follow along the blog train. If you see Ken Barbie, tell him we’re looking for him. Alright, gotta run! I have a few texts to send 😈. Talk to you soon… hopefully

Princess Bethany

2 thoughts on “Have you seen Ken Barbie?

  1. Wessypoo says:

    Hi Princess, I’m afraid I’ve not seen Ken Barbie, but sounds like he is in good hands 😊 I know being locked away for you in my little Chasity cage would be a dream come true!

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