New Suck Patrol Princess


suck patrol princess

I am on Suck Patrol!

Remember way back when… I asked what websites you guys would like to see me featured on? I got an overwhelming response for Hmmm, I wonder why that is ? Seriously.. some of you guys are soo slutty

Listen to the audio?

Suck Patrol Princess

I’m sorry, what’s that you’re trying to say? It’s kinda hard to understand with your mouth full *winks* Mmm, and to be honest, bouncing up and down on your face and watching my fat girl cock plunder your mouth and hearing the obscene sounds of my balls slapping your chin feels way too good to stop.

I know you are enjoying yourself too. Want to know how? Your cock is stiff as a board. Yep, cock sucking definitely agrees with you. But I guess you already knew that, considering I’m watching one of your many cock-sucking porn streams. Lol, I think you wanted me to stumble upon these. And to think we were going to spend the evening simply studying. This is so much more fun!

Now that I know all about your dick sucking desires, don’t think my she-cock will be the only one you’ll be serving. I’m going to train you up to be a talented little phallus whore. You will develop quite the cock sucking reputation. Your number will be written on the stalls of many bathrooms!

Oh my, was that visual way too much?! Considering you just busted your nut with my princess dick in your mouth I would say that you agree with our little arrangement.

Mmm now it’s my turn to bust a nut. Ready for a lesson in swallowing? Pick up the phone and call me. Something tells me you’re a fast learner!

Your Babe With a Boner

Princess Bethany


4 thoughts on “New Suck Patrol Princess

  1. Mistress Brighton says:

    You not being on suck patrol would be like an ice cream shop not serving ice cream if you know what I mean. I love the new profile and like duh! Of course a sexy lady with a yummy lady cock is an expert on how to suck a dick. It makes sense and it makes the boys tingly. Excellent post sexy! xoxoxoxoxo

  2. Wussy says:

    Thank you for the blog post Princess Bethany.. Since being in chastity I’ve gone from straight vanilla porn to panty wearing pansy who watches porn featuring girl cock only.. I doubt I’ll ever crave anything else again.

    • Goddess Bethany says:

      hi Wussy you’re welcome. Mmmm, no you’re totally ruined for pussy. But it seems like you didn’t deserve it in the first place. Nope you are right where you belong, fantasizing about serving my princess dick

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