Sissy Cuckold throws a fit

sissy cuckold

sissy cuckold

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My little sissy…. lol what can I say. She knows I love her to pieces. She has this adorable way of acting like she is shy and sometimes even a little fearful of my cock, but in the end, she always ends up on her knees begging for it. You may have even read how Duchess Willow and I pass this little sissy slut back and forth! She calls my dick her yummy ? and she’s going to probably squirt her panties when she reads this hahaha!

Sissy Cuckold

I love to fuck my little sissy. But sometimes I’m in the mood to have something long and thick stretching my ass too. Sissy knows that her sissy nub could never do anything for me. So what’s a girl to do? I cuckold my little sissy. Cuckolding is a good way to reinforce feminization and emasculation of a sissy. It reminds them why they will FOREVER be feminized and emasculated. That there is no chance they will ever be man enough for me.

Ways to cuckold a sissy

There are lots of creative ways I like to cuckold my sissy.  One of my favorites is making her listen to me jerk off while keeping her sissy clitty locked away in chastity. She wants my yummy so badly, but all she is allowed to do is watch and stare with longing.  She whimpers and cries and then she’s suddenly not so shy. As you can see, she becomes quite pitiful.

tgirl Princess Bethany

Another way I enjoy cucking her is strapping a humongous black dildo to her pretty sissy lips and then riding it nice and slow. I make sure it presses against my p-spot really good and I watch my dick drip onto her face. She bawls the entire time.. but it’s good for her. I promise! She is literally throwing a fit because she’s greedy and she wants my yummy in her mouth…dirty girl.

He is masterful in the way he takes me, stroking my cock as he fucks me with his. 

Now last but not least, I bring in the real thing. The ultimate cuckold sissy experience is me inviting my big strapping boyfriend to join us. He is hard and rugged in all the places my sissy is soft and pink. I love the way he smells, taste and the way his strong body feels pressed up against mine. He makes me feel safe and vulnerable at the same time. He is masterful in the way he takes me, stroking my cock as he fucks me with his. I know that when he takes me in front of my sissy he’s going to make me scream. Poor sissy… she just can’t do that for me.

Are you a sissy that needs to be cuckolded? Call me and I will show you why you must stay pink and pretty forever.

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7 thoughts on “Sissy Cuckold throws a fit

  1. Duchess Willow says:

    Oooohhhh I’m just gonna pull up a seat and watch cuckold sissy throw a tantrum while you ride her face, nice… and… slow. The best part, is when you are riding her face, and she starts kicking her legs back and forth, wrists bound to the headboard. Maybe I will have mercy on her and slide something right between her cheeks, while you finish off on her face. Just to hear the frustrated noises she makes as we tease her. Unf!

    • Princess Bethany says:

      ?? Omg I know.. she goes from “shy” to horny sissy hussy in no time flat. I told her what those noises do to me

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  3. Sissy Nikki says:

    As usual this little sissykins would prefer to stay hiding and shaking in a corner or under the bed, but Princess has let me know that is not an option. I have been instructed as part of my ongoing training to respond to deeply embarrassing & shameful blogs and tweets. I assume it’s to help me overcome my shyness but it may simply be that she enjoys watching me squirm. There is an immense, virtually never ending list of methods Princess can deploy to get this little sissy to do as I am told. First of all I’m deeply in love, smitten and obsessed with her. This means I go to great lengths to please her and avoid disappointing her. She knows she can get me to do most anything just by the sheer terror of a bit of tease and denial. Chastity is pretty much a given much of the time if I step our of line and sometimes even when I’m just a bit too anxious. . . . ummm. . . . Please stand by for part 2 of this confession/punishment. My Princess has just instructed me to put on panties and a bonnet and report to her for more . . . err. . . training.

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