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Caught JOI Masturbating

As you know it’s finals week and things are ALWAYS crazy during finals week. My professor held one last zoom class to help clear up any questions before the big test and also for us to say our goodbyes before the summer.

Study Partner Crush

I’ve been crushing on my study partner all semester. He’s so cute and super smart and made studying so much fun. Turns out it is extremely hard to concentrate when all I can think about is how I want to have him wrapped around my finger, and then my cock, or maybe me wrapped around his cock. Do I have to choose?

Private Lessons

So back to our zoom class. Zoom has a feature where you can pull someone to a private chat or conference room, which is great when you want to work in groups and pairs without interfering with your classmates. Great for when I want to tell your study partner about all the x-rated fantasies he’s starred in during my midnight jerk off sessions.

Confessing my crush on ZOOM

I had it all planned out. I was going to confess my crush to him and then tell him about the many times I fantasized watching him stroke his cock for me. About how I imagined surprising him with my cock and us both telling each other how to stroke and getting each other off in class without anyone else knowing. It was going to be perfect.

Caught JOI Masturbating

Except when… I don’t quite set up our private zoom space correctly and the ENTIRE class including my professor catches us both with our dicks out stroking. Well listen to the audio and you can hear for yourself.

Yeah so that happened…. and my professor was NOT amused. He had his own way of reigning me in, but that is way too explicit to share here. Lol, you’re going to have to call me for that. I can’t believe I told you that much!

Turning the Tables

Ms. Erika is your next stop on the Masturbation May blog train and she’s about to turn the tables or turn you inside out. Hmm, I can’t remember which one!. If you thought your poor balls were blue now, wait until she gets done with you. 😋