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I know you have been dreaming about feminization for a long time now. It’s probably something you can’t get out of your head at all, no matter how hard you try. And I’m here to tell you, that’s okay. There’s nothing wrong it, and there’s nothing wrong with you.

I’m not going to laugh at you or humiliate you, unless you tell me you want me to. Instead, I’m going to help you on your feminization journey. It doesn’t matter to me how far into it you are. You can be at the very beginning, or you can be deep into the rabbit hole. Either way, I can assist you.

Your TGirl Princess Can Help You

The first thing you have to do in order to make these fantasies a reality, however, is to confess them to someone. And I want to be that someone. I love listening to guys tell me how they want to become more and more feminine and the ways they envision that happening. If they want some suggestions, I like offering those, too.

If your only desire is to be a panty boy or a crossdresser, that’s great. I’d love to help you choose the right panties, lingerie, or even full outfits that look best on you. If you want to be a sissy, that’s awesome, too. Any kind of feminization fantasy is hot to me because I really enjoy taking men and turning them into more feminine men or even into actual women.

And if you think you may be trans, then I’m here for you to talk to as well. Feminization can be a fun sexual fantasy, or it can be a way of life. I am open to whatever you’d like to discuss with me.

Starting Your Feminization Transformation

I always think the best way to start a feminization fantasy is to begin with panties. They’re such a standard, classic first-time feminization piece of clothing. And plus, once you get them on, they make you feel super-sexy as well. If, as I mentioned above, you only have panty boy fantasies, we can stop right here. Of course, we’ll have to get you several pairs so that you have plenty to choose from. But if you don’t want to wear anything but panties while you jerk off or whatever, that is perfectly fine.

But if you have dreams of being more feminized than just wearing panties, don’t worry. I can help with that, too. I’m great with colors and styles when it comes to fashion. We can get you in stockings and lingerie, or we can put you in a whole new feminine outfit. Like I keep saying, it’s all about what you want and what you feel most comfortable with.

Making You The Perfect Sissy

Now, if you want to be a sissy, I definitely want to talk to you. I specialize in turning manly men into frilly little sissies who look, sound, and act like girls. I also enjoy girl-on-girl playtime with sissies, but we won’t get too far ahead of ourselves just yet. I want you to be comfortable, and questioning your sexuality can come later. For now, I just want to see you in a nightie and a pair of matching panties!

So whatever your feminization phone sex fantasy may be, you can confess it to me. I would love to hear it, and I would love to help you make it come true. So give me, Princess Bethany, a call today to tell me all about your secret desires.

My Voluptuous Sissy

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Now I love my shy sissies. The ones that blush when they think about my cock, that I can tease until they are all tingly and flustered and moaning for me to split them in two. But there is something about a greedy little slut that just doesn’t hold back. The one that hungrily licks me and sucks me all day long like I’m an all you can eat buffet. Yeah I like that. She can keep up with my outrageous sex drive and that takes a pounding and keeps on begging for more, and more. She’ My girl doesn’t try to pretend do be anything than what she is. She’s always known she was a girl, and now she’s my slut. Her body is all curves and mounds. There is no masculinity to hide and prides herself on being able to handle my cock. She’s devoted herself to making sure I am always satisfied. This sissy cock tease flirts with me all day with the hope of me fucking her senseless all night, and then spoils me like crazy. Yep this little sissy is a keeper. What kind of sissy are you? Are you the shy blushing type or a greedy little whore? Call me and let’s find out together!

Princess Bethany 1-800-601-6975

Email: bethany@enchantrixempire.com T

witter: @babewithaboner

Skype: EnchantrixBethany

Tucking your Penis: Make your Cock Disappear

Okay don’t panic,  I enjoy teasing your cocks and clitty dicks way to much to suggest anything permanent. We are just going to make it appear to be nonexistent for a while Tucking your penis with the steps I explain below will make it seem like it’s vanished into thin air! 

When to tuck

This weekend was the last major holiday before my classes start. So my friends and I threw a last minute pool party as a farewell to Summer.  Anyways, I went to go put on my swim suit and I had that,  “hmm should I tuck moment?” Usually my decision on whether or not to tuck my  tgirl cock depends on the look I’m going for, where I’m going, and what I’m doing. The method of tucking I use also depends on these factors. So today I’m going to explain to you step by step how to tuck and make your penis virtually disappear!

Step one: Tuck your Testes

There is a cavity or pocket  in your pelvis that your testes naturally ascend to and from when you’re cold or about to orgasm. You are going to push your testes into this space. Lying on your back with your thighs spread, use your hand to gently push your testes up into this pocket.  Although it may feel a little weird until you get used to tucking, there should be no pain or discomfort associated with this. If you do stop and try again in a few minutes! Once your testes are up in their comfortable pocket, wrap your now empty sac around with toilet or tape if you are trying the tape method or simply pull your cock and your ball skin back between your legs and squeeze your thighs together.  Now from this point you can continue on to step 2 and learn now to secure your tuck with tape or skip to step 3 and learn how to secure your tuck with panties.

Step Two: Tucking your Penis & Taping it Back

Now that your testes are up in their comfortable pocket wrap your now empty sac around your cock and secure it by wrapping it with a few layers of toilet paper or Kt tape.  Next you will pull your wrapped penis and sack back between your legs and  if needed up between your cheeks. Then secure it with more KT tape. I usually extend the tape all the way up to my mid back using two strips to secure.  Again, this may feel a little weird if you are new to tucking, but it should NOT be painful.   I could go on and on kinesiology (KT) tape .. it’s the best stuff ever.  It is a flexible waterproof medical tape made for athletes and it’s made to move with your body. I highly recommend it if you are going to tape your tucking!

Step Three: Put your panties on

Now squeeze your thighs together and slide your panties all the way up and snug and admire the smooth look and feel! Isn’t it lovely? If you skipped the taped option, you definitely want to go with gaffs, control top panties and/or pantyhose. Gaffs are panties made especially for hiding and securing tucks! Cool huh? Perfect for sissies, crossdressers and also trans women like myself! They come in several different designs and some even include a camel toe look. Try slipping into a pair of tight little yoga shorts wearing those 😉

A few things to remember when tucking your cock

Shave or wax first if you are using tape. You’ll thank for me for this, lol. Be patient with yourself when starting out. It will take a few tries to perfect your tucking routine and that’s okay! It’s totally worth it in the end. Although using tape is my favorite method of tucking because it is the most secure. It is a little more time consuming and also restrictive when it comes to visiting the ladies room. Do you have a tucking routine not mentioned here? Leave a comment and tell me your tucking adventures and what works for you, and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog while at it! Want personal one on one guidance on how to tuck away your clitty cock? Call me at 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Princess Bethany.