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Do you have a pussy mouth?

Do you have a pussy mouth?

If you’ve done a call with me, then yes, you have a pussy mouth, lol. A pussy mouth is what happens when you’re sucking cock and your mouth is making the same sounds that a woman’s pussy makes when a big dick is thrusting into it. It’s the wet, sloppy, squishy and slapping sounds that get precum and secretions everywhere. If you’ve never been able to get your woman’s kitten to make that sound, then I’m afraid your dick isn’t big enough and you don’t deserve the privilege of fucking her anyway. Just turn on any porn and you’ll hear exactly what I’m talking about. Actually, I have a better idea, invite one of her hung ex-boyfriends over and you can hear AND see what I’m talking about. Come back to this blog post when you’ve done that.

You’re going to make yourself useful

Welcome back *grins*  How many times did you watch them fuck? Wow, they are still at it? That’s okay, you’re going to make yourself useful in just a few minutes. I know hearing those noises made your cock painfully hard. Mmm, well that’s what I’m going to do to your mouth. I’m going to make your mouth a sloppy squishy mess. So when I call you pussy boy, or pussy face, or pussy mouth, that means my dick is sliding in and out of your face and it sounds just like pussy. Now pussy boy get on your knees and call your Princess.

Cum Eating: Princess Needs her Cum Rag

*Click to Listen* ?

Loyal Cum Eating Pet

My skirt, pushed up around my waist exposes my straining cock heavy balls. My thighs spread wide giving you a glimpse of the pink jeweled butt plug nestled between my cheeks. You watch my slender fingers grip my thick shaft and stroke furiously from base to tip. Skin flushed and lips slightly parted, I pant and moan loudly. I’ve been edging and teasing my cock for a while. You know that when I finally cum that I cum a lot and it goes everywhere (grins).

I make eye contact with you and my strokes become faster. My breasts bounce with the jerky movements of my hand. My tongue slides over my lips and my face contorts in a little frown as my body tenses briefly before my thick cock begins spewing cum in thick milky spurts. I let it fly without a care in the world. The sticky mess lands on my thighs and stomach and even my tits.

I finish myself with a few remaining strokes working last remaining drops of sticky pleasure from my girl cock before smearing it on my thighs. l lean back, my body limp in the after glow. I motion for you to crawl over and do what you were meant to do.

cum eating

Human Cum Rag

You are a human cum rag. The perfect job for a cum eating whore like yourself. Your duties are to serve me by licking up cum whenever and from wherever I need you to. Like any cum rag you don’t speak. You wait quietly until you are useful and then you are quickly tossed aside. Of course this type of objectification and degradation is not for the squeamish, lol. Cum rags don’t get to be picky, your sole purpose is to clean up every sticky drop. That means licking cum from the floor, from my cum soaked panties, and of course from my princess cock. Maybe even from my ass or my lover’s cock.  If I need a face to wipe my cock on, it will be yours. It will mean giving up control of who you are, your only satisfaction will come from the humiliation of being used how however I want.

It’s a dirty job, but you know you want to do it. Time to call me and show me just how devoted you are to serving your princess with prick!

Princess Bethany 1-800-601-6975

Email: bethany@enchantrixempire.com

Twitter: @babewithaboner

Skype: EnchantrixBethany